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Easy Steps to Create Healthy Habits (by Laura Pappas, Health Coach)

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Healing, Holistic Health | 0 comments

What if I told you that you probably already know the top 3 things you can do to be healthier?  As a health coach, I find that if I ask someone that questions it’s pretty easy for them to rattle off a few things – ditch the diet soda, move more, eat more vegetables, you probably are thinking of your three right now!  So why is it that so many people may actually already know what they can do to start being healthier, but they don’t take action and do it? The reasons we all don’t take charge of our health vary, I think the biggest thing is that many people don’t know where to start.  So let’s talk about what you can do to take those top three things (write them down now if you haven’t already!) and make them healthy habits that you incorporate into your daily life. How to create a healthy habit: 1.     Write down the top 3 things that you can do to be healthier right now 2.     Select one and tackle it 3.     Identify exactly what you are going to do, for how long, and what success will look like 4.     Set realistic timeline – takes at least 3 weeks/21 days to break a habit or make a new one 5.     Hold yourself accountable and get support – from your family, friends, a buddy, group online…you get the picture 6.     Don’t give up! One of the tricky things is that you try to make too many changes at once, become overwhelmed and then discouraged, and before you know it back to where you started and feeling like a failure.  Don’t make too many changes at once, break down your goal and take incremental steps, and work towards your clear goal.  For example, if my goal is to move more, what exactly does that mean?  How do I know if I’m succeeding?  Instead of “moving more” make your goal more actionable, to start say walk for 1 hour, 2 times a week and keep it up for 2 months.  Ideally you want to plan to do this for at least 3 weeks so that you can incorporate the positive healthy behavior into your lifestyle and make it a healthy habit that sticks! In addition to setting a realistic goal and timeline, enlist support of your friends and family.  For my goal of walking 2 times per week, I would be more inclined to do it if I went with a friend, called my sister during that time, and added it to my calendar like an appointment.  All of these things are things that you can do to help hold yourself accountable and get the support of others too. The key to making changes and healthy habits is to make small changes, slowly, overtime and not taking on too much change at once.  Ideally you are making smaller sustainable changes that add up to something much larger.  Remember to celebrate your successes along the way and not to get discouraged by set-backs, learn from it instead and keep moving forward. This blog post was written by Laura Pappas, she is a certified health coach that works with her clients to adopt dietary changes focusing on a whole foods and Paleo approach to eating.  You can find her and more information on her blog,  Against the...

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How Food Sensitivites Can Affect More Than Just Your Digestion (by Jennifer Fugo, CHC, RYT)

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010 in Healing Holistic Health, Holistic Health | 0 comments

Upon waking one morning not long ago, I found the skin on my cheeks to be inflamed with rough and reddish patches of what looks like some sort of rash.  ” Great”, I thought. ” I have a new client to meet in a hour.  Fabulous.”  What could have caused this overnight skin reaction?  Oh, I don’t know, probably gluten.  Maybe it was the dairy and possibly even the eggs….of the vanilla creme doughnut I ate yesterday.  This is how I started my morning. Now to be clear, the doughnut was a treat for being very strict with my diet since returning from Costa Rica. It was just one little treat that might have bothered my stomach, but I honestly didn’t see it being painted on my face the following morning. Yet this is what can happen when you’re sensitive to certain foods, as I am.  We tend to think that you’ll only end up with some digestive distress that will pass with time, however the reality is it can be a crap-shot as to how your body will react to consuming something on your “avoid list.”  I periodically get this cheek rash, but never connected it with what I was eating until this incident. In the grand scheme of things, it’s rather inconvenient for anyone to always maintain a strict clean diet, especially if you’ve got a busy life.  So its not entirely uncommon to ‘cheat’ thinking that no one will know how badly the food affects you.  Yet, truthfully that not the most accurate  picture one can paint about food sensitivities.  In fact, most people believe that symptoms non-digestive in nature are completely unrelated to what they’re eating. Think again. Food is a foreign substance, just like drugs. There can be side effects, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t provided any enclosed paperwork disclosing every potential side effect that could mess up your body’s homostasis (natural balance).  Mind you, I’m not saying that food and drugs are the same because they aren’t. However, they can and do affect the the body in varying ways depending on your own unique situation and background. Even non-digestive issues such as acne, psoriasis, anxiety, depression, headaches & migraines, foggy thinking, fatigue, arthritis and asthma can be a consequence of a sensitivity.  The list of potential ‘side effects’ is actually longer than this, but these are a few that are non-digestive in nature.  It is worth considering what you could be doing to your body if you are, in fact, sensitive to something.  Long-term consumption can lead to all sorts of problems and poor health-holes that you probably would rather not stumble into.  I know from experience personally from struggling with IBS-like symptoms for many years of my adult life, chronic headaches, exhaustion, skin issues, and almost 20 lbs of extra stubborn weight that was actually systemic inflammation.  Plus, I work with clients who suffer from many of the same issues and have spent an incredible amount of time feeling sick as they bounce from doctor to doctor with no answers to show.  Though standard Western medicine doesn’t always have the best approach to these sort of problems, there are clear steps available for everyone to take that can redirect the body back towards good health.  As a certified health coach, I work with clients to make progressive changes in both diet and lifestyle based around individual goals.  Clients learn how to incorporate in new nutritious foods and cooking techniques which will support their unique health situation.  We work together to help you to understand food labels, feel comfortable at the grocery store, cleanse your pantry of ‘bad’ food, release old “bad” food habits with ease, and actually become creative  and confident in the kitchen.  All of this helps clients transition from foods which were causing all these chronic health problems to those that now enable and support good digestive health and general wellness.   For further information about my services, articles, recipes and events, visit my website Evolving Well.  You may also contact me at (484) 682-2008 or...

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Reiki Experiences – Installment 2 (by: Marlene Berdit)

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Reiki | 0 comments

Bill’s Experience:  Bill had a horrible case of Poison Ivy – his face, hands, and shoulders were a mass of lumps and rashes.  A friend of mine suggested Reiki to ease his discomfort and to dissipate the spread of the inflammation.  Bill admitted to me of being skeptical and said he had never heard of Reiki until our mutual friend mentioned it.  I explained the basics and began to work on him.  As Reiki started to penetrate the irritation, Bill acknowledged a feeling of heat and tingling immediately. There are several reactions to receiving Reiki, mostly heat, cold, fluttering and tingling, however, these sensations do not need to be felt for Reiki to be affective. Bill contacted me the following day to say he could not believe the difference in his skin overnight.  About two months later, Bill literally brought his friend Jake, suffering from Poison Oak to see me.  It was so rewarding to see Bill become such an advocate for the Reiki modality. Gina’s Experience:  Gina is in her early 40’s and has been a client for years and visits regularly for monthly Reiki “tune-ups”.  Gina first started receiving Reiki because she enjoyed the relaxation she felt during a session and the oomph she felt afterwards.  As our work together progressed she noticed she wasn’t getting sick as often as she had in the past.  She usually had three to four colds a year (!!) and was very susceptible to respiratory problems.  Since receiving Reiki she rarely gets sick and feels much more relaxed in her day to day activities. Marlene’s Experience: Anyone attuned to Reiki is able to work on themselves with the same effective results as when working on a client.  About eight years ago I had to go through minor surgery.  The procedure was performed in a doctor’s office, however it was invasive and time consuming.  Before the surgery began I gave the doctor and attending nurse a “Reikied Rock.”  They both looked at me, then each other, exchanging a glance between them that I could almost see in neon, “Coo-coo bird alert…let’s just go along with her.”  They each stuck the rock into their pockets; I was prepped and the surgery proceeded.  Two weeks later I went back to the doctor’s office for a post surgical visit and to have stitches removed.  After the examination the doctor looked at me intently and said that if another physician examined me he would never know I had undergone such a procedure – he was really amazed.  The doctor then asked me several questions about Reiki, which I was happy to answer.  The next time I saw the doctor he told me he had been carrying the Reikied rock with him and even transferred it to his back pack when he went hiking.  Of course, I was just one huge smile. When receiving a Reiki session you remain fully clothed but it’s suggested that you wear very comfy clothes. Reiki is a completely relaxing encounter besides being a means to boost your immune system with regular monthly sessions. You don’t need to be ailing from any physical problem to be enriched by its affects. To schedule a Reiki session with me and experience its power for yourself, call Live Well Holistic Health Center at...

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Reiki Experiences – Installment 1 (by Marlene Berdit)

Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Reiki | 0 comments

Since people seek Reiki for numerous reasons I thought it would be helpful for those of you who never experienced this beautiful energy to hear about some of my clients’ stories.  Names in blogs will be changed to honor privacy.  My first blog is about Dave’s session. Over the years I’ve noticed that woman seem much more open to trying modalities such as Reiki, while men seem initially more reluctant. This was the case with Dave.  Dave had chronic back problems over the years and just couldn’t seem to find relief.  After seeking help from medical doctors and using prescription drugs for intense lower back pain he was no better off and felt hopeless.  His wife, Kim had taken a Reiki I class with me and convinced Dave to try Reiki.  She practically dragged him (gently) through the door.  Even though he was a willing participant, he didn’t quite know what to expect. It’s very important to me that the atmosphere for receiving Reiki is calm and peaceful so clients have a place of solace during their session.  I keep the room dimly lit with Reiki music playing and a candle burning to invite complete relaxation.  Dave took this all in and looked at Kim as if he were 9 years old going to overnight camp for the first time.  As the session started I could feel his body relax into the energy.  Personally, I think it was pure relief that I wasn’t swinging a chicken over his head chanting Kumbaya.  By the end of the session he said his back felt much looser and made an appointment for the following week.  When he  arrived without Kim for his second session I knew two things; he was physically comfortable enough to drive, and comfortable and confident with the Reiki modality. This session was verrrrrry interesting.  As an empath I’m used to feeling the energy path or pain of the client within my body.  I’ve experienced the beauty of Kundalini, warm and cool flows of energy and various vibratory sensations, but this was a first…While working on Dave mid-point, I started to experience an electrical feeling in my hand and within seconds of this sensation my hand involuntarily flipped palm side up, I’m thinking WOW, this is too cool, but  immediately asked Dave what he was feeling.  He said he felt an intense surge of heat run through his back, but he was very comfortable and relaxed and we continued with the session.  Afterwards, Dave commented that he felt much better.  Reiki works through the body long after the session ends, many times it’s not until the next day that true results are realized.  This was the case with Dave when he called to tell me  how great he felt.  The following week we had another session, and then appointments became routine monthly visits to maintenance well being visits.  It doesn’t take a fast ball volt of energy to accelerate the healing process, but in Dave’s case, it hit a home run, as Reiki always does. Anyone receiving a Reiki session remains fully clothed but it’s suggested that you wear very comfy clothes.  Reiki is a completely relaxing encounter besides being a means to boost your immune system with regular monthly sessions.  You don’t need to be ailing from any physical problem to be enriched by its affects. To schedule a Reiki session with me, call Live Well at 610.896.1554.  Traci at the front desk will take good care of you and answer any questions you may...

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Reiki: Dealing with Cancer (by Marlene Berdit)

Posted by on May 1, 2010 in Cancer, Reiki | 0 comments

Part of my mission in practicing Reiki is to work with folks dealing with cancer. Like most families, mine has had its triumphs and losses in battling this disease. When my mother was in her 40’s she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy; in her mid-60’s she again faced another mastectomy. My mother died at age 86 from a non-cancer related issue. During her lifetime she quietly counseled many people who dealt with numerous types of cancer – she was a positive, amazing and truly inspirational individual. It is on behalf of my mother, aunts, uncles, and a cousin I lost last year to cancer that I am dedicated to help. I am working with Live Well Holistic Health Center in being able to offer Reiki sessions for 20% off of a normal session fee for any cancer patient, their immediate families and oncology healthcare providers. Children will receive a 45 minute treatment for $30. Reiki boosts the immune system and has given great relief both physically and emotionally to those going through chemo and those dealing with the aftermath. I am driven to help anyone going through the passages of this disease and am offering what I can in order to enhance and strengthen their lives while dealing with cancer. To schedule a session folks just need to contact Live Well Holistic Health Center and refer to this posting.To learn more about me and my background and approach, click here/reiki-with-marlene-berdit.html If you, a family member, or friend is dealing with cancer but do not live in the Philadelphia area, I encourage you to seek out a reputable Reiki practitioner in your area. Please relay this message to anyone you know that can benefit from receiving this...

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