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10 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Chiropractic, Therapy | 0 comments

A qualified chiropractor addresses the fundamental core of the body, removing impingements so that the skeleton; central nervous, respiratory, and immune systems; and muscles maintain their balance and health. When any one of these areas is not functioning well, the entire body is affected, even if there is a lack of palpable symptoms. Avoiding Potential Problems Just as we go to have our teeth checked periodically by a dentist, maintaining good health through regular visits to the chiropractor helps avoid potential problems in the future. And if you are experiencing any type of physical discomfort, getting regular adjustments will do wonders for dealing with and eliminating the problem at its root cause. Compromised Health We all hope for the ultimate in flexibility, vitality, focus, immune response, and good sleeping habits. When any of these are compromised, its time to get an adjustment! Signs that an Adjustment is Needed We have put together a list of 10 signs that indicate you need to visit a chiropractor: Pain in joints and/or muscles Headaches, including migraines Repetition of physical tasks, including sitting for long periods of time where a specific part of the body is compromised Posture problems Injuries due to accidents Feeling sharp pain in the hip going down the leg Stiffness, aching, numbness, and/or burning sensations The soles of your shoes wearing out differently, which is an illustration that the body is out of alignment When the head leans to one side or too far forward or or one shoulder is higher than the other, which is another indication that the spine is imbalanced Limited range of movement in any part of the body Diagnosis and Treatment Before Further Damage Occurs Often when we experience any of the above symptoms we think they will just go away on their own. While this can be true, it is usually not the case. A good chiropractor knows how to properly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly, knowing that when pain lingers it can cause further damage. Part of Your Wellness Plan Most people have some sort of problem with their spine, and many back problems go undetected until one day there is no doubt that something is wrong. Approaching chiropractic help should be a part of your wellness plan so that you can avoid undue pain or even irreversible damage. Removing Subluxations that Compromise Health Though the application of solid chiropractic techniques that are tailored specifically to your needs, there is no need to turn to painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications that only mask the pain without ever addressing the reason for the problem. Our team believes that through the gentle manipulation of the spine, we can remove the subluxations that compromise health. Contact Us Today For more information, please contact us at 610 896 1554....

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What to Ask a Chiropractor

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Seeking a good health care professional is something to be taken very seriously. Putting yourself in the hands of someone you don’t know requires careful questioning, attention to recommendations, and listening to your intuition. Understanding the Different Techniques When it comes to selecting a chiropractor, there are several things to keep in mind. Remember first of all that a doctor’s role is to recommend the best course of care. Understanding what the different chiropractic techniques involve is a good way to know if a particular doctor’s work fits well with you. Getting Recommendations First, research the chiropractors in your area. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers for recommendations. Though opinions are subjective, you know you are on the right track if enough people are recommending the same person. Avoid Surprises Choosing the best chiropractor for you is key to your healing process. When you feel an affinity for his or her technique, as well as a good personal rapport, you are already open to receiving the benefits of the work. Conduct a telephone interview, or ask for an in-office consultation to learn all you can before you begin treatment. You don’t want any surprises, so make sure you have all of your questions ready in order to make the best decision. What to Ask a Chiropractor We have devised several questions that we feel are key to determining if a particular chiropractor is right for you: •    Find out how long the doctor has been in practice and what experience s/he has treating problems similar to yours. •    Ask what kinds of techniques are used. Often chiropractors use a combination of strategies to maximize the healing process on a given individual. Familiarize yourself with what some of these techniques are, or ask for them to be explained. Additionally, some chiropractors use a quick manipulation technique that creates a popping when a subluxation is corrected. Others use a lighter touch, and still others use instruments to move the spine instead of just the hands. •    Ask what kind of training and experience the doctor has had in the techniques s/he applies. Check to see that her/his education comes from a school accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. •    Does the doctor perform an exam before treatment? Are x-rays used, and if so, are they digital for pinpointing problems and minimizing treatment frequency? •    How much time before an improvement is noticed and how can you contribute to the healing process? •    Will the doctor work with your family physician, and is this necessary? •    Could other treatment options be more valuable, such as Shiatsu or acupuncture? •    Does the doctor offer other types of wellness information such as advice on nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction? •    What type of payment plan is offered and are insurance claims accepted? If they are, are they submitted electronically or must you submit them yourself? If you find that the doctor answers all your questions with openness and courtesy and is a good listener, you are many steps closer to making an informed and intelligent decision. Contact Us For information on our chiropractic services, feel free to contact us at (610)...

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Take Care of Your Spine – Regular Care Improves Your Health

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Back Pain, Chiropractic, Exercise, Healing, Health Tips, Main Line, Neuropathy, Pain, Philadelphia Area, Sports Injuries, Therapy | 0 comments

Take Care of Your Spine – Regular Care Improves Your Health

Care of your spine is like care of your teeth, a must. Neglected teeth leads to deterioration, which looks bad, feels bad and is very costly when you finally decide to take care of them. The spine, with its 24 vertebrae, houses your spinal cord, part of your central nervous system. Emanating from the spinal cord between each pair of vertebrae are pairs of spinal nerves that lead to your organs, muscles, skin and every single inch of your insides. These nerves control and monitor every activity in every part of your body. Between each pair of vertebrae is a disc. The discs are made of fibrous ligaments with a soft gelatinous center. The spinal nerves lie next to these discs. If a vertebrae gets moved out of alignment, or if a disc bulges (‘slipped disc’), pressure is put on the spinal nerves, and whatever structures those nerves lead to gets compromised. Chiropractic spinal adjustments, along with spinal muscle release techniques as I perform them, free the spine and align the vertebrae for optimal nervous system control of your body. Furthermore, any kinks, knots, stiffness, sprains or strains of your neck or back left untreated can lead to a progression of deterioration, ultimately leaving you with early debility. You do not want to be one of those people that looks and feels old before their time, stiff, inflexible and unable to live life freely. How does a neglected spine lead to early arthritis and debility? Stiffness and knots create decreased range of motion and, because vertebrae are being rocked out of alignment, pressure is put on the nerves and discs as well. This starves the discs of nourishment because less fluid gets into the spinal joints which, due to lack of blood supply, rely on movement for their lubrication. This leads to disc thinning, bone spur formations and eventual immobility in that area. We’ve all seen seniors who are hunched over, or can’t turn their heads or bend over to tie their shoes. Many people take better care of their cars than their spines. Maintenance is the key! Give your spine regular ‘adjustments’ BEFORE issues arise. This will keep the body, including your immune system, digestion and all bodily functions operating at optimal levels AND slow down spinal aging! Maintenance is how we treat our teeth, our cars and our spines. Regular maintenance for your spine means coming in for a special gentle chiropractic spinal treatment with Dr. Martin Orimenko every four to six weeks. Keep your spine limber and your body functioning at its peak with regularly scheduled spinal adjustments....

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Holistic Chiropractic Treatments In Philadelphia

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Live Well Holistic Health was created to represent a highly integrative approach to holistic healing. With a mission to treat the whole person, rather than just the part of the body that hurts, we work with each one of our patients using methods that positively affect the body, mind, and soul.

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Gentle Chiropractic Care and Treatment near Ardmore, Pennsylvania

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Chiropractic care is centered on a simple and powerful assertion that the better balanced and healthy the spine and nervous system is, the easier it is for the body, mind and spirit to heal, restore and maintain itself. The spinal cord, protected by the spine itself, is the primary message carrier for the entire nervous system. All movement, function and feeling is controlled through the spine.

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The Best Chiropractic and Kinesiology Care in the Main Line Area

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We are a miracle. The body is an amazing opus designed to create and recreate itself with built-in healing capabilities. Our brain and spine coordinate and direct the operation of all organs and body systems. Our body’s nervous system is an information highway designed to communicate, transport, control and connect all biological and electrical processes, as well as movement.

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