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Emotional and Lifestyle Counseling

dr martin and client in counseling sessionEveryone is now aware of the impact emotions have on the body/physiology. The field of psychoneuroimmunology has blossomed as more and more discoveries have been made regarding physical reactions to stress, joy, etc. In holistic natural medicine it is essential to look at emotions and stresses as possible contributing factors in any health condition. Otherwise the picture of a person’s health is incomplete.

Fortunately there is a technique Dr. Martin Orimenko was trained in that helps to resolve, or at least relieve the charge on emotional issues rather quickly, which works very well in the context of a chiropractic and natural medicine visit. NeuroEmotional technique is an outstanding tool for addressing stress and emotional issues that are impacting a person’s health, whether they are recent issues or older influences, and whether they are major traumas or nagging stresses. Another use of the technique is to help a person achieve emotional congruence for goals they have. This greatly enhances the ability to manifest one’s desires.

Between twenty years of practicing NeuroEmotional technique on many different patients and attending many seminars on emotional healing, Dr. Martin Orimenko is quite proficient at offering guidance in this area to those that want and need it. Following is a wonderful case study from our blog showing how the Emotional Counseling and the NeuroEmotional Technique can support healing seemingly physical conditions such as allergies.

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Allergies: A Hidden Cause

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Allergies | 0 comments

Here’s an interesting story for you.  This happened a number of years ago, after I had gotten very proficient at curing patients’ allergies, especially to environmental allergens such as dust, pollen and mold, but also including animal dander.  A woman in her 30′s came in to my clinic complaining of serious allergy symptoms related to cats.  What made her so driven to cure this allergy was the fact that her boyfriend owned two cats and he was very attached to them.

I was expecting to put her on a specific cleanse as I did with most of my allergy patients because dietary cleansing is a key component of re-balancing the immune system and altering the allergic response.  But because I treat holistically and always try to discover any and all contributing factors to a patients’ condition, and knowing that ‘anything can cause anything’, I tested for emotional related factors.

Sure enough, I uncovered the fact that her allergies were somehow tied in to the emotion of grief. When I questioned her she affirmed that she had recently lost a friend and was in fact experiencing grief.  The emotional clearing technique I utilize, NeuroEmotional Technnique, traces emotional states back to their inception, which for her happened to be an event that occured when she was 8 years old.  Again I questioned her about an experience of grief she may have had around age 8.  After thinking for a moment, her eyes got big, her mouth opened, and with a surprised look she said, “That was how old I was when I watched my kitty get run over by a truck…she was my best friend.”  We did the clearing technique for that trauma and, long story made short, her allergies vanished.  No cleanse, no herbal or other supplements, no change in diet, no acupuncture, and no chiropractic adjustment.

I always remember that symptoms can be misleading, and because of that, I seek to find and treat the hidden causes!