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Nonsurgical Treatment for Joint Pain and Cartilage Restoration!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2018 in Natural Healing | 0 comments

Knee Pain? Cartilage Issues? We Can Help! Dr. Martin and the friendly team at Live Well Holistic Health Center understand the difficulties of dealing with cartilage and joint pain! Here at the health center we work to mitigate that pain in a safe, natural, and sustaining way. You can sign up online (with no payment information required) for our 10-minute free consultations administered in our comfortable relaxing office space located in Ardmore. Our consultations allow us to pin point the causes of your pain and allow us to put together a plan to best treat that pain. Our focus is the wellness of our patients using the most holistic and natural processes at our disposal. In this blog article we cover a few scientific studies that describe where and why you may have joint pain, what you can do to stop it, and what services and supplements at the Live Well Holistic Health Center we offer that can help immensely. We invite you to stop in and meet Dr. Martin and our friendly staff so that we can help end your joint pain and improve your cartilage health! Restoring Knee Cartilage Function & Reducing Pain What is the purpose of Articular (knee) cartilage?: Articular cartilage is a unique tissue between the ends of bones (in the knees) in the joints that helps in load bearing and lubrication. How does osteoarthritis (common form of arthritis) effect the Articular (knee) Cartilage?: Dr. Moti L. Tiku describes the process in his paper – Cartilage regeneration for treatment of osteoarthritis: a paradigm for nonsurgical intervention, as a “as an injury of cartilage that initiates chondrocyte activation”. The chondrocyte is a molecule released to regenerate cartilage. Finally, “the end results are catabolic and anabolic responses, and it is the balance between these two outcomes that controls remodeling of the matrix and regeneration” [Tiku, 2015]. In short the excretion of chondrocyte is imperative to repairing cartilage. The excretion of this important molecule however can cause inflammatory responses of the body, which we will address in this blog! How is cartilage maintained? What might this look like?: According to Dr. Moti L. Tiku as described in his paper – Cartilage regeneration for treatment of osteoarthritis: a paradigm for nonsurgical intervention, “cartilage is maintained by the right balance between aggrecan and collagen contents”. Aggrecan Molecules can be sensitive to immobility of the joint and can often be diminished in the cartilage itself as a result [Vertel, 1995]. So it’s important to maintain mobility to keep these molecules healthy! As you may well know however Inflammation may be a painful and difficult barrier in maintaining this mobility. What do I about inflammation and why is it happening?: As aforementioned the inflammation in the joint can be attributed in part to your bodies response to chondrocyte secretion. The reason for this secretion is to repair the cartilage damaged by arthritis. What Foods can help with Mobility?: According to WebMD (Kerri-Ann Jennings, 2005), these foods have either an anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties, or otherwise influential effect on your joints and bones that can contribute to greater mobility. Featured in the article: • Cherries • Red Peppers • Canned Salmon • Oatmeal • Turmeric • Walnuts • Kale • Broccoli • Collard greens What is joint distraction and why is it important?: Joint distraction is treatment for the joint that focus on mobility and prevention of further cartilage degeneration. ”Recent investigations of the role of jointdistraction in osteoarthritis therapy provides a clue for cartilage regeneration” [Marijnissen et al. 2002;Wiegant et al. 2013]. Can Dr. Martin help with Joint Distraction?: Absolutely! Dr. Martin’s core philosophy as an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) is prevention of new disorders while focusing on therapies that synchronize with the bodies inherent ability to heal itself. Dr. Martin and the staff at Live Well Holistic Health Center offer a number of treatments such as joint distraction that will greatly improve the quality of your joint health. We also offer a huge library of herbal and holistic supplements that will work in conjunction with these treatments to maximize effectiveness. References:...

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