10 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

10 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

10 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

A qualified chiropractor addresses the fundamental core of the body, removing impingements so that the skeleton; central nervous, respiratory, and immune systems; and muscles maintain their balance and health. When any one of these areas is not functioning well, the entire body is affected, even if there is a lack of palpable symptoms.

Avoiding Potential Problems

Just as we go to have our teeth checked periodically by a dentist, maintaining good health through regular visits to the chiropractor helps avoid potential problems in the future. And if you are experiencing any type of physical discomfort, getting regular adjustments will do wonders for dealing with and eliminating the problem at its root cause.

Compromised Health

We all hope for the ultimate in flexibility, vitality, focus, immune response, and good sleeping habits. When any of these are compromised, its time to get an adjustment!

Signs that an Adjustment is Needed

We have put together a list of 10 signs that indicate you need to visit a chiropractor:

  • Pain in joints and/or muscles
  • Headaches, including migraines
  • Repetition of physical tasks, including sitting for long periods of time where a specific part of the body is compromised
  • Posture problems
  • Injuries due to accidents
  • Feeling sharp pain in the hip going down the leg
  • Stiffness, aching, numbness, and/or burning sensations
  • The soles of your shoes wearing out differently, which is an illustration that the body is out of alignment
  • When the head leans to one side or too far forward or or one shoulder is higher than the other, which is another indication that the spine is imbalanced
  • Limited range of movement in any part of the body

Diagnosis and Treatment Before Further Damage Occurs

Often when we experience any of the above symptoms we think they will just go away on their own. While this can be true, it is usually not the case. A good chiropractor knows how to properly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly, knowing that when pain lingers it can cause further damage.

Part of Your Wellness Plan

Most people have some sort of problem with their spine, and many back problems go undetected until one day there is no doubt that something is wrong. Approaching chiropractic help should be a part of your wellness plan so that you can avoid undue pain or even irreversible damage.

Removing Subluxations that Compromise Health

Though the application of solid chiropractic techniques that are tailored specifically to your needs, there is no need to turn to painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications that only mask the pain without ever addressing the reason for the problem. Our team believes that through the gentle manipulation of the spine, we can remove the subluxations that compromise health.

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