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Wellness TeleMedicine Addresses Your Health Issues & Boosts Your Immune System

Wellness TeleMedicine with Dr. Martin to Treat Your Health Issues Using Diet, Lifestyle & Natural Supplements

Telemedicine During Coronavirus

How It Works

  • TeleMedicine sessions can be done over the phone with or without video, and the sessions are for ANY health condition you may have.
  • Dr. Martin Orimenko will interview you about your symptoms and health situation and take time to gather a history of your health issues and concerns.
  • He then provides dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as all natural supplement prescriptions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Supplements will be carefully selected, with clear instructions provided, and mailed to you same day, or if you are local we can provide curbside delivery in the parking lot outside of Live Well.
  • For musculoskeletal issues such as neck, back pain, joint, shoulder issues, foot issues, etc., Dr. Martin will provide exercises, self-massage techniques and acupressure points to help you heal and get out of pain.  Dr. Martin will teach you how to self treat for these issues by demonstrating the treatment and then watching you do it for yourself or for your family member. He will provide feedback and coaching until the treatment method is correct so that you can successfully use the information.  Dr. Martin has been teaching his patients in this way for over 25 years.
  • Dr. Martin also works with stress reduction and calming techniques, in addition to supplements and dietary recommendations when appropriate, to help your emotional health.  He has been meditating since he was 18, and he has taught thousands of patients how to incorporate simple breathing and quick meditation techniques that relax you and boost your health in a multitude of ways.  This works very well via TeleMedicine and is super helpful during this stressful time.

Initial TeleMedicine Visit


Follow Up TeleMedicine Visit


Health Tips During Coronavirus

For the over 20 years that Dr. Martin Orimenko has been in practice, he has always had patients with whom he worked remotely because they lived farther away or their health issues prevented them from coming to his office.  During this time of the Covid 19 pandemic, TeleMedicine is our primary way of helping the community boost their health by addressing any health issues using an all natural approach. 
Dr. Martin has a very strong track record of success helping patients with a wide range of health issues by creating customized treatment plans that consider diet, cleanses, natural supplement protocols and lifestyle modifications, and this can all be done via TeleMedicine.  Dr. Martin follows his patients closely to ensure they achieve success with the programs and treatment plans set so that issues are resolved and higher levels of health are achieved. 
Ultimately you will flourish with new levels of everyday vitality and vibrancy by healing your health issues from the inside out with a natural medicine approach, and Dr. Martin is the perfect person to help you get there.