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Staff of Live Well Holistic Health CenterThe Live Well Family is here to help support you in reaching all of your health goals using our all natural approach to health and wellness! Together and individually we bring a wide range of training, experience and expertise combined with care, enthusiasm and compassion. We appreciate the opportunity to walk with you on this journey to feeling your absolute best!
licensed massage therapist, amit gabaiEnjoy a highly skilled and relaxing massage with Amit Gabai at Live Well on Tuesdays and Fridays.

A Certified Massage Therapist since 2005, Amit has dedicated his life to helping others achieve and maintain a stress free lifestyle. He has massaged over 6,000 people.

In the past 8 years Amit has worked with Chiropractors and spas, treating a wide range of clients including professional athletes, chiropractors, medical doctors among others, due to their trust in his skill, technique and broad experience with medical conditions.

Amit’s massages are customized for you, each time you come in for a treatment. He draws from a blend of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching, MyoFascial Release (MFR), Shiatsu and Reflexology. Amit also does wonderful highly therapeutic chair massage, so if you only have 30 minutes, consider scheduling yourself for a 30 minute chair massage with Amit.

Amit’s professionalism and persistence to help others continues to grow within his practice. His approach and passion for massage therapy is a key ingredient to the experience he provides.

“I’ve been in constant ache and pain mode since an auto accident in 2010. Added stress has intensified the tension in my neck, shoulders, and low back. I easily scheduled an hour long massage through their online system. The therapeutic massage by Amit was completely relaxing, the tension melted, the knots eased away. I haven’t felt that wonderful in a long time. I’m looking forward to scheduling additional services at Live Well.” Jan E.

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pamela hippPamela received her massage therapy diploma in Santa Fe, NM in 2003. She has been working with a wide variety of clients, including the elderly, children, athletes, students, enlisted military, caretakers, and desk-bound office workers ever since. After a decade of practicing in the southwest and California, she returned to her home-state of Pennsylvania in 2014 to be close to her new-born twin niece and nephew.

Pamela specializes in therapeutic massage for stress and pain relief. Her focus is on creating a safe and compassionate environment in order to deactivate the fight or flight response, thereby allowing the muscles to melt. As a Reiki Master, she is also well versed at supporting overall well-being through body, mind, spirit balancing and energetic alignment. She believes that the body’s innate state is one of health, and that by promoting a state of relaxation and cultivating life-force energy, it will return there naturally.

Sessions with Pamela are a unique blend of Swedish massage and various other techniques, possibly including Reiki, positional release, pressure point stimulation, stretching, and sports massage. She has a knack for helping people who are prone to headaches and a fondness for gently introducing newcomers to the world of bodywork. Her holistic and intuitive approach allows her to tailor each session to the client’s immediate needs and uncover the cause of the imbalance, rather than addressing the symptoms.

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Trudi DixonTrudi has been a massage therapist since she graduated from the Virginia School of massage in 2002. She has worked in a variety of settings from salons to clinics to high-end spas, and she is so happy to now be offering massage at Live Well. She moved to Philadelphia from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 2014.

Trudi has a surprisingly strong but gentle technique that is both therapeutic and soothing. It is particularly good for relaxation and stress-relief, easing tense areas while causing very little discomfort or pain. She intuitively customizes each massage to address her clients’ needs: both concerns they communicate to her and issues she encounters during the session.

Many of her clients fall asleep during their massage and leave feeling lighter and refreshed. This aspect of her work is particularly beneficial for those who tend to neglect their own self-care.

Trudi knows that compassionate touch is more than a luxury. Massage therapy is an important tool to achieve and maintain wellness of body, mind, and spirit.