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Naturopathy & Nutrition

Dr. Martin Orimenko combines a variety of powerful treatment modalities and draws from Nutrition & Cleansing, Gentle Chiropractic & Kinesiology (Muscle Response Testing), Acupuncture & Acupressure, Emotional & Lifestyle Counseling, Ayurveda and Natural Supplement Prescriptions in each Natural Healthcare Visit to holistically treat the whole person.

Dr. Martin Orimenko has found that this multi-approach holistic healthcare is more effective and efficient in helping you heal and in optimizing your wellness. It also provides a continuity of care that cannot be matched when you are treating with different practitioners for each of your health concerns. In addition, it almost always will cost you less!

For a look at how Dr. Martin Orimenko works with patients coming to him for Natural Medicine support, please enjoy this article by Dr. Martin  about skin conditions as an example.