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“Dr. Martin is wonderful. His holistic approach to medicine really does approach your entire body and mind. That approach cured my four-year long bout of daily headaches–no other doctor had any success. Highly recommended.” Ben E.

“I have had back and neck pain for over 35 years. I have tried many Chiropractors and other treatments. I met Dr. Martin by accident , but it was meant to be. My first session blew my mind. I was totally out of pain and continue to be after only three treatments.” Pamela T.

“I had a treatment today with Dr Martin. When I arrived I was in pain. My neck and lower back were throbbing. Dr Martin spent a long time working on both those areas. He used many types of massage and movements on my areas of discomfort. By the time I walked out of his office I felt so much better. I am moving so much easier and feel such relief. I am so thankful to have found a Doctor who truly cares about his patients. Dr Martin puts so much energy into his treatments. He really listens to my symptoms and really tries to help. He calls me with follow-ups and remembers all of my symptoms every time I see him. That is rare in these times.” Sarah H.

“My problem was diagnosed and within 3 weeks solved. My allergies are gone and my overall health has vastly improved. I now have the knowledge and tools to continually improve and maintain my health.”
John D.

“I have seen physicians at Penn, Harvard and Vanderbilt for ongoing sinus infections and GI distress but no one has been as effective as Dr. Martin in treating my aliments. I am healthier than I have been in the last five years thanks to Dr. Martin’s expertise in taking detailed patient histories and treating the root cause of the problem. I can now see the limits of western medicine and the wisdom of alternative approaches.” Robert M.

“I came to Dr. Martin with severe anxiety and I wanted to get help without going on western medicine. It was my last hope. Dr. Martin was able to tell me my serotonin levels and my Vitamin D levels were low. He gave me natural supplements to address these deficiencies. He also did some healing techniques to help lessen my anxiety. I have only been a few times, but have been amazed at my body’s response to his healing. My anxiety has markedly decreased and I am grateful to be able to handle my issues without drugs that have side effects and emotional numbing. Dr.  Martin truly looked at my whole person (physical, mental and spiritual). He is a gifted healer.” Sarah T.

“I am so thankful for Dr. Martin’s help. I feel unstoppable and full of energy. I haven’t gotten sick all winter! This amazes me since I formerly got 2 or 3 sinus infections every year during the cold months.  I have been recommending Dr. Martin to everyone I know.” Rebecca R.

“I had daily headaches and allergies for 35 years. Dr. Orimenko discovered a dairy sensitivity and chronic systemic yeast. He set me up with a specific cleanse, and unbelievably, within one week I was feel much better and within two weeks I was headache-free! It has been over 10 years and I am still headache-free. I feel like a new person” Linda H.

“I had a very serious case of Crohn’s Disease that made my life hell. With a second operation pending, I saw Dr. Orimenko and in a few days was out of pain, and in a few months was living a full and normal life, no operation. I am forever grateful and continue to come in for check-ups and to learn more health management techniques.” John Schalk

“My daughter and I are patients of Dr. Orimenko. My daughter has had exercise-induced asthma all her life. Standard medications didn’t work and sometimes made things worse. Dr. Orimenko prescribed a diet and herbal medications. This wasn’t an “easy cure” for my daughter – she can’t swallow most capsules, so she has to take them in yogurt or applesauce. The diet wasn’t easy either as she has a bigger list of food “dislikes” than “likes”. But she persevered and now is asthma-free! I can’t express how this has changed her life. I’m also a patient and Dr. Orimenko has helped me lose weight and keep my arthritis under control. Since drugs didn’t help me, this is a big accomplishment for me.” Deanna F.

“I started going to Dr. Orimenko about 6 months ago. I had various health complaints including headaches, overweight, joint stiffness, acid reflux and sciatica issues. I can say that in the time that I have been seeing Dr. Orimenko and with his approach I have improved on all fronts. I have had headaches my entire life and have tried many different treatments from acupuncture to traditional treatments and I have been headache free for 5 months now!! I also no longer need to take the omeprezole for acid reflux, have lost over 40 pounds, have reduced joint stiffness and my sciatica has not flared up in months!! I must say that Dr. Orimenko’s holistic approach to my health has given me phenomenal results. I would highly recommend that anyone who has health complaints go to see what Dr. Orimenko can do to improve your condition.” Leslie E.

“Dr. Martin is always very kind, and goes out of his way to find out what the root cause of your pain is. You may think it’s simple back pain, and then he’ll figure out there’s more than meets the eye. I always leave feeling refreshed and taken care of.” Sally D.

“I had been suffering from severe diarrhea for 5 years. My gastroenterologist was stumped. She had me taking maximum diarrhea medicine plus prednisone and it kept getting worse. I went to see Dr. Orimenko and in a few visits he had me off all medications, and in a few months I was completely cured. I now have sound sleep for the first time in years, all the energy I could want, arthritis in both thumbs completely gone, my liver enzymes stopped spiking to ten times normal, and a quadriceps muscle that had been sore for 14 months (much to the puzzlement of my orthopedist and physical therapist) healed.” Jo Etta A.

“Dr. Orimenko of Live Well Holistic Health Center is really good. I appreciated his general awareness of what was individual to me. He is caring and very approachable. I went there three times. During my first experience, I was put on a diet and a cleanse and I felt so good that I came back. I have already recommended people there who have also decided to go. You know you’re going to get a great experience with Dr. Orimenko and his staff.” Derek H.

“Martin & Traci and their staff offer a care like I have not received before. They are awesome and being there is such an ahhhhh feeling….” Yana P.

“Finally solutions to fix the problems not just treat the symptoms! Dr. Martin and Traci are wonderful people. They maintain direct eye contact and listen to what you’re saying rather than rush you out after 5 minutes. My eczema stopped itching within two days of my first consultation with Dr. Martin. The meal & supplement plan helped my get my digestive issues in order. I feel like a new woman!!” Anil S.

“Having been involved in energy medicine for nearly 25 years and also very picky about who works on me, I asked my Thai Yoga Massage Therapist for a referral. Dr. Orimenko’s help far exceeded any hopes I had, and I absolutely recommend him to you without reservation. His wife is a stellar addition to his office.” Melody-Rose P.

“Dr. Orimenko was very helpful in assisting me with changes to my diet for better health, but don’t be lazy, you still have to do the work. He can only lead you in the right direction. He was wonderful for me.” Mark C.

“The staff are professional, personable and caring and inviting. From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable. Dr. Martin solved my chronic pain problem. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable. The massages with Amit are not only relaxing but therapeutic and healing. I would definitely recommend Live Well, and I have.” Ann S.

“I was suffering with low back pain off and on for years and pretty steadily for six months. I was amazed and thrilled that Dr. Orimenko took care of it in all of two sessions…Wow!” Linda Page

“Martin is one of the greatest healers I’ve met around the world! He has been of tremendous value in furthering the growth of my mind, body and spirit. Sometimes when nothing else worked, his treatments did. He knows how to get to the hidden cause.” Sondra Ray

“For the first time in almost four decades I have gotten consistent relief from my allergies and asthma. I also have a clearer understanding of how my body works. What I appreciate most is the trust I have that Dr. Orimenko can help me.” Sid R.

“Martin is a resource for hope in the midst of complacency in the treatment of chronic illness. The total effect of a treatment in his office is to be empowered to face the world with renewed optimism.” Peggy M.

“Dr. Orimenko is the only person who consistently relieves my headaches and neck pain with his myofascial and acupressure techniques. This has improved my sleep and the ability to deal with pain and everyday stress.” Sue H.

Dr. Martin Orimenko is a deeply committed, compassionate and experienced healer. After moving to the Philadelphia area, he has selflessly dedicated himself to bringing his gifts to our community, and has brought greater health and heart to many of us who have been blessed to experience his thoughtful and multi faceted approach to wellness.” David Newman

I have had the blessing to work with many healers in my role as the director of a yoga studio and Dr. Martin Orimenko is truly gifted. His level of training and experience is unsurpassed but his real gifts are his intuitive insight and a loving compassion that pours through in his sessions. I have never had a greater sense of trust in a healer as I’ve experienced with Martin! Shiva Das

“Martin Orimenko is one of the most gifted healers I have had the pleasure to receive work from. I have a deep respect for his commitment to the process of evolving and healing of mind/body limitations in all forms. I have worked with many chiropractors and healers from many disciplines and consider Martin truly of the top echelon.” Peter D.