I always feel so much better, even after one treatment.

I don’t know where to begin, but Dr. Orimenko and his wife Traci are such a great team! i had been feeling so exhausted, unwell, and , weight kept going upwards, etc, etc.. I still cannot believe how quickly i saw results and felt energetic and healthy AND…started to drop pounds!
This “dynamic duo” are just so kind, modest, patient, knowledgeable and so on and so on! I am ever so greatful i was introduced to them.
i haven’t felt this good in “forever”!
Thank you Dr. Orimenko and Traci! I will be back soon for a “reboot”! I always feel so much better, even after one treatment. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Josi S.

After 5 years of being ill, it was so nice to hear Dr Martin say he can help me

and just a few short months later, I’ve never felt better and my health has improved so much.
And if you are looking for a massage, I highly recommend Amit, his treatment is quite simply ‘brilliant’

Glenda M.

Dr. Martin changed my life.

He helped get my gut in order after years of slow growing misery- by the time I walked in his door I looked pregnant by noon everyday.  After his recommended course of treatment I looked ten years younger and had a waist again!  I have since moved out of state and was struck with an aggressive cancer- how I wished I had his guidance through treatment! I can’t recommend him enough.

Tania C.

Dr Martin and Tracey are a dynamic team you can feel the positive energy when you walk threw the entrance.

Their practice has mare such a positive difference in my life…. So grateful to them both!

Donna Marie B.

Live Well Holistic is by far the best chiropractic and natural health center I have ever been to

and I have been to a lot for a variety of injuries over the last ten years. Dr. Orimenko is gentle yet totally effective and really eliminated my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. The customer service is excellent, Tracy is warm and willing to work with crazy schedules.

Shana S.

It feels so good to know I’m not alone and have a team that supports me in my choice of healing.

Thank you all at this wonderful place for helping me on my journey to wellness!!

Marina E.

I have been going to Dr. Martin Orimenko for almost ten years and cannot say enough about the wonderful treatment I have received for everything from chiropractic to holistic therapy for digestive issues to the common cold.

Tracey, his wife and office manager, always makes me feel so welcome and is so helpful. And oh the massage therapist, I guarantee you will not get a better massage at any spa. I look forward every month to my appointment for a “tune up” with Dr Martin and then my massage. Treat yourself, you will not regret it.

Carol T.

Really a caring group of people.

Traci, who mans (or womans) the ship and organizes the business and schedules, makes arrangements, and thoughtful suggestions, is a sweetheart and is down to earth, understanding, and patient.

Massage services are top notch (and I’ve had a lot of massages and am very picky) and very affordable.

And Dr. Orimenko, the chiropractor, naturopath, intuit, and jack of all trades takes a unique and diverse approach to treatments of all sorts.   He is very knowledgeable and applies various modalities depending on the needs of the patient.

I’ve been going here for ages and plan to continue.

Highly recommended.

Adam C.

I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and true compassion from the minute I walk in the door until I leave.

I never felt rushed with my time there. Dr. Orimenko is very knowledgeable and confident in his abilities to treat me. Very positive experience.

Liz B.

Dr Martin completely healed my acne after years of suffering.

They are very pleasant and kind. I would recommend him completely!

Sarah H.

Dr. Martin is a well rounded, knowledgeable, empathic, and intuitive practitioner.

He has treated me, my husband and my toddler. He does gentle chiropractic adjustments that don’t feel like a ninja who is about to break your neck. He is great with little ones! Traci, who manages the front desk, is also very knowledgeable especially with women’s and kid’s health. The ambience and small talk with Traci while waiting is very calming and they have a great tea selection!

Silvina D.

The people at Live Well are truly caring who use many ways to bring healing to people.

You are in good hands regardless of what health issues you may have. There is nothing to loose in seeking out their services. I am blessed that I found them.

Angel W.

I am continually impressed (and amazed) by Dr. Martin’s ability to understand, and address holistically, what is going on with my body.

He is a very knowledgeable and caring practitioner.

Terri M.

Dr. Orimenko has really helped me so much.

His non traditional methods work and he focuses on diet and lifestyle modification to heal what ailed me.

Edie C.

I have been treated by Dr. Orimenko for RA, food allergies and full body detox as well as chiropractic work.  Dr. Orimenko is my go to expert on all things holistic medicine.

I trust his knowledge, expertise and years of experience.

I highly recommend Dr. Orimenko for any one who wants to balance their medical treatments with holistic medicine.

Dr. Orimenko carries a full line of remedies and treatments at his office so it’s easy to fill his prescriptions.

Carla F.

Live Well Holistic Health Center is the first place I turn to for any chronic or acute health issue!

I have been a patient of Dr. Martin’s for almost two years now and there hasn’t been any health condition that he hasn’t been able to treat with positive results using either a combination or singular treatment from chiropractic or naturopathic medicines. Dr. Martin truly seeks to find the heart of any health issue.

Rachel B.

I also threw out my back last year and was in excruciating pain where I couldn’t stand. Dr. Orimenko worked is magic and I was upright and well in only 3 sessions!

Also, I love coming here for massages. All of the massage therapists are great! I highly recommend this practice!
Carin R

The space at Live Well is one of the most comfortable healing environments I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of as a person seeking healing assistance.

 From the moment you walk through the door, you feel truly welcomed and encircled in all the goodness that Live Well has to offer. Beyond that, the knowledge of Dr. Martin and the rest of the staff is immeasurable. I send many of my own clients to this great facility. They all walk away feeling much more confident and sure of their direction moving forward.
Daniel M.

I saw Dr. Orimenko for Anxiety issues I was trying not to go on western medicine to deal with.

He was able to use so many different tecniques including some amino acids to boost my serotonin levels. This was the exact issue my western Dr. had wanted to address and now I am able to address it without the side effects and emotional numbing that come along with the western medicine I was going to start taking. I was so impressed with the weath of knowlesge and tecniques he used to address my whole self (emotional, physical and spiritual). I am glad to know I have someone who can really help me get to the root of my medical issues to truly heal and not just mask the symptoms.

John C.

Dr Martin helped my son recover from debilitating stomach pains.

Pediatricians and specialists alike could not find the cause of his pain. But Dr Martin fixed him up with a combination of diet and supplements. My whole family now comes to see Dr Martin for a variety of illnesses. We are very fortunate to have been referred to him.

Christine B.

I always feel a sense of good vibes and peace whenever I come into his office.

Him and his staff are very nice and helpful. They always try to accommodate you and email back promptly.

I had issues with digestion, stress, depression, allergies, and hives. Also tell Dr Martin EVERY single detail of whats going on with your body because it’ll help him know what to look for and how to diagnose you. Also be patient because just like a traditional doctor, everything is trial and error.  One of the things that I’m happiest about is my allergies are completely gone and I was able to breathe this summer lol

Helen W.

Dr. Martin helps me with any ailments. Traci is wonderful and accommodating.

I cannot say enough good things! Just visit and find out for yourself.

Mrs. M