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Pure Water Filters

MultiPure Drinking Water Systems provide cleaner, more delicious, more healthful water whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. MultiPure’s exclusive Solid Carbon Block filter reduces a wide range of contaminants of health concern without removing the beneficial minerals in the water. This makes MultiPure water ideal for everything from food preparation, to cooking, to drinking.

Water is critical to our health

​Water is exactly what the body needs to carry out the chemical reactions for all its life processes. And, if you don’t drink enough water, your colon starts to dry out, making nutrient absorption and waste removal difficult. This could even encourage the development of colon cancer in some people.

In addition, your kidneys can’t do their job of filtering toxins from your blood. This means those toxins go back into the circulatin blood. Other essential reasons for regular water intake include: lubrication of your joints (synovial fluid production requires water), maintaining good moods (dehydration can create irritability and confusion), good athletic performance (75% of your muscles are water and deficiency can lead to weakness and fatigue), headache prevention (many headaches stem from dehydration), maintaining proper weight (often when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty, so by drinking more we will eat less) and skin quality (proper hydration helps maintain a healthy glow).

You must drink six to eight glasses per day to maintain good health. And the water you drink must be pure!

A Good Water Filter
is the Answer

Tap water is terrible.

Even if it tastes good, trust me, the only time to drink it is if you were dying of thirst and it’s all you had. Eighty percent of the more than 300 different FDA regulated unhealthy chemicals in drinking water are tasteless, colorless and odorless. You don’t know what chemicals you’re getting, though there are fairly strict federal guidelines and water reports are available.


tap water is terrible


Chlorine alone is reason enough to avoid tap water. Chlorination creates carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents by combining with other chemicals in the water. The carcinogens created are chemicals like chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, bischloroethane and a whole family of trihalomethanes. Chronic exposure to carcinogens from tap water provides a significant cumulative health hazard. Cancer rates remain high and cancer is still the #2 cause of death in the U.S. I believe that drinking chlorinated tap water, or eating food cooked in it, is a major contributing factor.

Chlorine is also a major contributor to heart disease. Researchers found that atherogenesis, or arterial plaque formation, does not occur to a significant degree in the absence of chlorine, regardless of diet. The more chlorine, the more artery clogging, the more heart disease. Plaque formation also affects blood flow to the brain. The impairment of cerebral microcirculation has a direct effect on senility.

bottled water is not safer

Bottled water is not safer.

Tap water in the United States, as bad as it is, is subject to more stringent federal safety regulations than bottled water. Despite the marketing claims of purity, independent testing of 10 different brands of bottled water conducted in 2008 found 38 contaminants. You don’t really know what you’re getting. Bottled water companies can claim purity but they are out to make money like any other business.

Bottled water is certainly bad for one reason, the environment. Bottled water wastes fossil fuels in production and transport. Bottled water production in the United States used the energy equivalent of between 32 and 54 million barrels of oil to produce and transport plastic water bottles in 2007—enough to fuel about 1.5 million cars for a year. Rather than being recycled, about 75 percent of the empty plastic bottles end up in our landfills, lakes, streams and oceans, where they may never fully decompose.

Cooking with tap water is unhealthy! Many people are under the misconception that the bad things get boiled off or destroyed in the cooking. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Boiling kills germ (i.e. bacteria and parasites) but that’s already taken care of by the chlorine. Heating your chlorinated water actually makes the chemicals react together even more, and certainly does not remove them. Again, everyone needs a point-of-use water filter for drinking and cooking.


cooking with tap water is unhealthy

Water filters are easily the best solution to your drinking water.

Everyone needs a ‘point-of-use’ water filter in their home, that is, a filter at the kitchen sink where drinking and cooking occur. Years ago I selected MultiPure Drinking Water Systems to offer to patients to satisfy their drinking water needs. Although most companies that sell drinking water systems make devices that can remove chlorine from water, very few of those companies offer drinking water treatment systems that are NSF certified to reduce contaminants under both NSF/ANSI Standard No. 42 (Aesthetics) and NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53 (Health Effects).

Multipure is one of the few companies whose products are NSF certified to reduce such a wide array of drinking water contaminants, including such classes as disinfection byproducts or gasoline additives – contaminants that can get into water sources through pollution or leaks. The independent laboratory testing of their water filtration puts them well ahead of other water filter companies.


Drinking water pollution comes from many sources. Surface water can become contaminated with agricultural runoff, community landfills, and hazardous waste from manufacturing byproducts. Groundwater can become contaminated from gasoline and MTBE leaks from underground storage tanks, or from the injection of hazardous waste into deep wells. Significant growth of the drinking water treatment industry can be attributed to the consumer demand for products that can 1) protect them from potentially harmful contaminants in their drinking water, and 2) improve the aesthetics of their drinking water.

drinking water pollution

The effectiveness of any drinking water treatment device is measured by the performance of its filter. A close review of drinking water treatment unit certifications shows that Solid Carbon Block filters are the most effective for reducing a wide range of contaminants, including those that may be found in groundwater. Certain drinking water treatment units utilizing Solid Carbon Block filters have been tested and certified to reduce upwards of 65 contaminants. Solid carbon block filter technology was developed by Multipure in the early 1970s for the purpose of treating water contaminants for health and aesthetic reasons. This technology combines mechanical filtration, chemical reaction, and physical adsorption into a single device to reduce a broad spectrum of harmful contaminants.

Activated carbon is the primary raw material used in Solid Carbon Block filters. These activated carbons are effective in reducing disinfection by-products (DBPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), PCBs, MTBE, and other contaminants.

Carbons are selected with high activity. Years of research, development, and manufacturing experience have helped Multipure develop specifications for carbon and other media that give its Solid Carbon Block filters distinct performance advantages over alternative treatments. Quality assurance procedures are carefully developed and maintained to assure that raw materials meet Multipure’s high standards.


Technological Advantages. As evidenced by independent laboratory testing and the certification of Solid Carbon Block filters, Multipure has been successful in developing the technology to produce filters that provide greater chemical adsorption and mechanical filtration. Materials are formed into a densely compacted Solid Carbon Block; compression enhances the kinetics of the filter and provides performance that cannot be achieved with granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. Compacted Solid Carbon Block filters have a large surface area to better facilitate adsorption. With a Solid Carbon Block, the water contact time is longer and provides for greater adsorption of many different chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and certain heavy metals. A close review of product listings confirms that Multipure’s Drinking Water Systems are among the few that have been certified to reduce PCBs – a particularly difficult contaminant to reduce.

In addition, the densely compacted carbon block mechanically filters particles down to 0.5 microns, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, asbestos, turbidity, and particulates. Multipure’s filter design also incorporates a pre-filter to remove large particles and prevent premature clogging. Because Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filters are exceptionally uniform, they don’t allow channeling or bypass – drawbacks inherent to GAC filters.

Filter capacity varies depending on the density and size of the filter. The activated carbons and their amount used by Multipure determines the capacity of the water filters. Capacity ratings apply to the chemical adsorption capabilities of the carbon and specialized filter media – carbon with a high surface area allows for longer life and higher adsorption capacity. Capacity ratings for Multipure Drinking Water Systems range from 600 gallons to 1200 gallons, depending on the model.

Capacity claims are not applicable to contaminants reduced by mechanical filtration, because of the broad variations in the physical matter potentially present in the drinking water. Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filter is engineered so that contaminants removed by mechanical filtration cause the flow rate to decrease and the filters to narrow, thus offering protection to the consumer from Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other contaminants with a specific physical size.

Summary. Solid carbon block filters effectively treat contaminants such as lead, chlorine, benzene, MTBE, chloramines, and PCBs. Solid carbon block filters will likely prove capable of significantly reducing contaminants that may be found in drinking water supplies in the future, such as antibiotics, drugs, and other personal care products. The effectiveness of Solid Carbon Block filters in treating a broad spectrum of contaminants of aesthetic as well as health concern makes it the bona fide technology of choice consumers throughout the country.

MultiPure’s innovative filter technology provides exceptional performance. The proof lies in the products’ certification by NSF International to reduce a wide range of contaminants that affect both the healthfulness and the aesthetics of water. MultiPure Drinking Water Systems reduce MTBE, chlorination byproducts, PCBs, chloramine, VOCs, heavy metals, and numerous other contaminants. MultiPure Drinking Water Systems consistently meet the high standards and needs of its customers all across the world.

Almost all MultiPure Drinking Water Systems include the necessary installation materials, and MultiPure filters are economical, long-lasting, and easily maintained. MultiPure provides a Lifetime Warranty on its system housings, as well as a one-year warranty on all accessories. MultiPure water filters are the clear choice for your drinking water needs.

We look forward to helping all of our patients and customers get on track with the healthiest, purest water available for daily use, the MultiPure Drinking Water System!