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3 Common Causes of Back/Neck Pain and How To Treat Them

3 Common Causes of Back/Neck Pain and How To Treat Them

3 Common Causes of Back /Neck Pain and How To Treat ThemBack and neck pain are common problems that seem to be inherent in our lives today. Whether it is due to stress, working long hours in front of a computer, sports or other injuries, or chronic skeletal conditions, at Live Well Holistic Health we are constantly amazed at the degree of pain that people endure before they look for treatment.

Creating Space for Healing

Living with back and neck pain is not something one has to accept. There are ways to treat discomfort, alleviating the cause in order to take the burden off the body and create space for healing. Here are the three most common causes of back and neck pain that we treat at our clinic:


Sports injuries, falls, or impact from a car accident are some of the causes of injury to the neck and back area. Often one is not aware of the severity of the problem until well after the event, with problems flaring up in the form of joint dysfunction, muscle aches, or dull or sharp and shooting pain. When the vertebrae are compromised due to an injury, ligaments, muscles, and nerves are affected, causing subluxations, swelling, and other symptoms along the spine and through the pelvis. An injury such as a fall can also cause a disc to become herniated, which can lead to a pinched nerve that radiates pain down the arm to the hands and fingers.

Work-Related Strain

Cradling a telephone or sitting incorrectly at one’s desk for lengths of time can cause neck and back strain. When you don’t move around or stretch from time to time, a single position can cause muscles to cramp, nerves to become impinged, and vertebrae to lock in one position, creating a situation that becomes chronic. If you work in a job where you must carry heavy packages or haul weighty materials, this can take a very large toll on the lower back. If muscles are not sufficiently strong to handle repetitive movement of this kind, the entire spine and neck area will suffer as it strains to compensate for weaknesses in the body.


The stresses of daily life cause tensions in the body that often lodge in the neck and back. If we do not find ways to relieve stress through exercise or other positive treatments, these unreleased sensations will lodge in the body creating discomfort that will grow until it is released.

Eliminating Pain

Through gentle chiropractic and massage, all of these causes of back and neck pain can be eliminated. By creating space in the spine through careful manipulation of the vertebra, the body has a chance to breathe as blood and oxygen circulates to create healing. Taking pressure off the joints, the bursa (sacs between the joints that prevent bone on bone pressure), and vertebra, muscles and nerves become free as circulation increases.

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