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3 Herbal Medicines That Induce Relaxation- Valerian root

3 Herbal Medicines That Induce Relaxation- Valerian root

3 Herbal Medicines That Induce Relaxation- valerian rootAnxiety is a common psychological problem that almost everyone is acquainted with at some point in time. The stress of daily living affects us in various ways, but one general symptom is the inability to relax.

The Power of Herbal Medicine

At Live Well Holistic Health we strongly believe in the power of herbal medicine, which has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Affordable and available, herbal medicine is still the primary protocol in health care used in Asian and African countries and is becoming more accepted here in the States.

Little Potential for Side Effects

Herbal compounds can affect biological functions within the body as effectively as conventional drugs, but with little potential for harmful side effects. Many herbs form the basis of the chemical compounds used in pharmaceutical drugs.Here is a short list of our top Live Well Holistic Health picks for helping with relaxation and the reduction of stress:

Valerian Root

A mild sedative, ancients used valerian root as an extremely effective sleep aid and it is still considered one of the most effective remedies for tension. Taking valerian root tea or a valerian supplement is an excellent way to get a sound and restful sleep when taken before bed. If you are suffering from anxiety during the day and cannot relax, taking a few sips of the tea will help you to unwind. Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, valerian root is easily cultivated and easily found. Look for a high quality tea or supplement in your local health food store.


Most people by now know about the tranquilizing effects of chamomile. A pot of the tea helps to reduce the effects of chemicals in brain caused by stress, calming the entire system down so that you can return to a more balanced state. Chamomile also helps to keep the adrenal hormones healthy. Additionally, it assists with digestion, which is why a cup of the tea after a meal can be so beneficial. The herb is also effective when it comes to reducing cramps and back pain. Take a cup of hot chamomile tea before bed to get a restful sleep. As with all herbs, the better the quality, the more effective the results.

Lemon Balm

Used since Middle Ages in European folk medicine, lemon balm is a perennial herb that is a part of the mint family. Grown in the Mediterranean regions of Europe, you can also find it growing wild in North America.A 2003 study in the journal “Neuropsychopharmolocology” found that lemon balm encourages sleep by inducing mental calmness. It also helps to improve brain function and mood, promote digestion, lessen menstrual cramps, reduce head and toothaches, and create greater mental balance.

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