3 Herbal Medicines For An Upset Stomach (Dyspepsia)- ginger root, etc

3 Herbal Medicines For An Upset Stomach (Dyspepsia)- ginger root, etc

5 Power Foods That Help You Combat Flu SeasonIn today’s world, most people are programmed to reach for pharmaceutical drugs or call the doctor the minute there is a feeling of pain or discomfort. Looking for a quick fix, we often forget that some of the most effective remedies can be made from easy to find herbs that won’t cause side effects like so many of the allopathic medicines on the shelf do today. At Live Well Holistic Health, we always recommend trying a natural remedy, especially when it comes to upset stomach, as this is a condition easily relieved by very common herbal medicines. Here are our top three choices, all of which are effective for relieving indigestion, gas, constipation, nausea, bloating, flatulence, and other problems that are due to inflammation or sensitivity in the digestive tract.


Chamomile has a carminative or soothing effect on the digestive system. Also a sedative, the power of this seemingly mild plant comes from the volatile oils in the flowers. Chamomile can reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, making it an excellent choice if you have cramps or indigestion. Able to relax the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract, the herb also contains chemicals that fight infections, prevent and heal ulcers, and generally calm the mucus membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. When making the tea, be sure to steep it in a covered pot so as to retain the volatile oils.


Peppermint helps to relieve stomach upset by relaxing the smooth muscle lining of the gut. It also improves the flow of bile needed to digest fats, helping food to pass through the stomach more quickly. Peppermint has a calming effect on the body and is also good for treating problems such as headaches, skin irritations, anxiety, and menstrual cramps. Because it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it can also kill some types of bacteria and viruses. Native to Europe and Asia, it grows very well in North America. Cultivate your own in pots placed in a sunny window and you’ll have it fresh and handy for moments when you need it. Excellent as a tea, you can also find peppermint in tincture or capsule form.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is one of the most potent natural remedies for reducing inflammation and is an excellent choice for relaxing the intestinal tract to relieve nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, motion sickness, and even morning sickness. A mild stimulant, ginger root also promotes circulation. You can take ginger root in capsules, however at Live Well Holistic Health we recommend you make a tea from slicing the root in pieces about ¼ inches. Make up to ¾ of a cup and steep it for 20 minutes in six cups of boiled water that has been reduced to a simmer. Add cinnamon sticks if you like, and sweeten with honey. Cold or hot, it is a wonderfully healing drink to have on hand.

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