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3 Natural Ways To Ease Into The Aging Process

3 Natural Ways To Ease Into The Aging Process

3 Natural Ways to Ease Into the Aging Process“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone”. Jim Fiebig

We are ageless inside, and we are the power and the presence of nature. We are beauty. The wondrous thing about aging is that the changes from youth to mature adult awaken us to a presumed time limit. The changes in our bodies alert us to be about the business of living now, and make it count. Rather than a race against time, aging is rather the slow awakening to a greater and greater love for all of creation as expressed in the now. “Natural ways to ease into the aging process” really means “natural ways to ease into the living process” now that you are old enough to know you are really here, mind, body and spirit.

Breathe, Laugh, Eat

With the acknowledgement of a presumed expiration date the question becomes, what actually makes you feel well and whole and how can you keep up these practices until spirit moves to the next life?


Breathing is a great place to start. After all, we started life with it, and we will end life with it. Breathing is typically an unconscious activity. But mindful breathing centers your spirit and etheric body within your physical body. The benefits of conscious breathing are endless, it rejuvenates, it cleanses the body of toxins, it brings in more life force and chi/prana, it energizes, it calms, it balances the body systems. With breathing we recover ourselves.

To become ageless, begin to investigate conscious breathing as a life affirmation. It can be in the form of a yoga class or breathwork class. You can begin by simply sitting in nature and noticing your breath with the sounds of nature all around you. The simplest mindful breathing exercise is to just breathe in and say to yourself, “I breathe in”, then exhale and say to yourself, “I breathe out”. That’s it. Simple.


Happiness is the best anti-aging cream. When you mature past the follies of youth, you have a unique opportunity to see through all the social programming and sales pitches that broadcast the ideal success, the ideal mate, the ideal look, the ideal Ideal.  If you’ll allow it, you can begin to value time spent with friends and loved ones, time spent playing and creating. You learn that laughing really does take the fuel out of any anxiety and that nothing is so serious that isn’t made better with a good laugh. And, it’s inexpensive and built into the natural system.


In youth so much is made of the marketed brand of physical beauty that we lose sight of natural beauty. We forget that natural beauty is a birthright given freely and that by nourishing ourselves we protect and replenish that gift. The result is that our bodies give back with a sense of authentic well-being. Eating living foods that are clean, and avoiding processed, refined empty imitations insures health and longevity. Also, there is a startling campaign to fill the mature population with drugs and pills. Be peaceful and become acquainted with holistic practitioners and nutritionists who steer you toward a natural approach to wellness. Your best self is still in front of you and aging has never been more beautiful.


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