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3 Tips To Better Your Posture

3 Tips To Better Your Posture

3 Tips To Better Your PostureHere at Live Well Holistic Health we see many clients suffering from problemsexacerbated by poor posture. When the spine is poorly aligned, it can lead to aches and pains, and sometimes even injury, which can be resolved through paying more attention to sitting, standing, and walking.

Freeing the Body

Good posture is more than just standing up straight. We need to understand how to free the ligaments and tendons while creating space between bones and joints in order to healthfully support the body’s weight. When muscles hold the full responsibility of bearing weigh, they cannot relax the way they should, creating constriction that leads to more problematic conditions.

Moving Should be Natural

At Live Well Holistic Health, we believe that the way we move should be natural. Proper alignment of the spine means that the ears should be just above the shoulders, and the shoulders should be just above the hips. The the spine should hang naturally in two slight “S” curves, one from the base of the head to the shoulders and the other from the upper back to the base of spine with the weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

Here are three simple tips to help better your posture:


It is essential to create a daily stretching routine. Here are a few ideas to incorporate:

•    Tilt your head forward, back, left, right and then gently roll your head in a circle to the right and left.

•    Do shoulder rolls forward to back and visa versa.

•    Exhale and slowly roll down one vertebra at a time, chin to chest and then as far as you can go towards the floor with straight legs. Roll up slowly as you inhale.

•    Stretch your sides by putting legs a bit more than hip width apart. With your stomach in, take right arm and put it straight up overhead, bending at the waist to the left. Repeat sides.

•    Get on your hands and knees and your curl back upwards like cat, then sink your spine towards the ground with your head back, looking up, repeating several times.

Turn Your Chair Around

Many of us hunch over the computer, which takes a toll on the entire body, affecting the hips, upper back, shoulders, and neck. If you are using a traditional chair, simply turn it around with the back at your chest, allowing your spine to naturally arch instead of falling into concave slumped position. You can also sit on a large balance ball, which forces you to use your core to maintain a centered position, keeping spine in its natural curve.

Strengthen Your Core

Walk around at least once an hour, pressing through your glutes to strengthen them along with the pelvic girdle. This helps strengthen your core while improving your center and toning the buttocks. Hold your body in a plank position for a minute to further strengthen your core muscles.Contact Us at Live Well Holistic Health Contact us today via our online form or scheduling tool or simply call 610 896 1554 for more information on bettering your posture, along with receiving proper care for misalignment.