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4 Precautions To Take Before Getting a Professional Massage

4 Precautions To Take Before Getting a Professional Massage

4 Precautions To Take Before Getting a Professional MassageOne would think that any time would be a good time to get a professional massage, and for the most part this is true. At Live Well Holistic Health, we know that the benefits of working out tension through deep muscle and tissue work are exceptionally healing, however there are a few precautions one must be aware of before embarking on this type of protocol. Certain conditions make it unadvisable to undergo a massage, as there can be contraindications.

Here are four areas to watch out for before getting a professional massage:


Many people become worried when they have a fever. But a fever is the body’s way of burning out an invading element. At Live Well Holistic Health, we believe that riding out a fever and avoiding any kind of treatment that can interfere with this type of healing can be detrimental. Because massage increases circulation throughout the body, it may work against the body’s own natural method of bringing the body back to health. Here it is best to wait until the fever has subsided. Inflammation When your body shows signs of inflammation, it is important to avoid a massage, particularly in the area that is swollen. At Live Well Holistic Health, our rule of thumb is that when the word describing your condition ends in “itis,” you should not be massaged until the swelling goes down. Examples are phlebitis, when a vein is inflamed; dermatitis, when the skin is inflamed; arthritis, when joints are inflamed; and the like. If you are suffering from a rash or other skin problems such as wounds, boils, and burns, make sure that your massage does not touch the areas affected.

High Blood Pressure or Heart Condition

Because massage increases circulation, which affects the blood vessels, it is not good to have anything stronger than a light massage for relaxation. In this case, pressure against the blood vessels should be extremely minimal, involving just the fingertips to calm you and release muscle tension.

Infectious Illnesses

If you have the flu or other infectious ailments, a massage can aggravate your condition.  In this case, it is best to receive a very light caressing touch, which can help to calm you without exerting any pressure to the body. Additionally, if you are contagious, you will be exposing your massage therapist to your bacteria.

Releasing Blockages

At Live Well Holistic Health, we practice a healing and penetrating massage protocol that is designed to alleviate stress and pain from the body. With a thorough knowledge of the body, we are able to detect the areas where the energy is locked, working through the musculature and tissues to release blockages and return your body to a place of health and movement free from pain.

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