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4 Tips for Staying Healthy This Autumn Season

4 Tips for Staying Healthy This Autumn Season

Autumn, with its crisp, cold weather, is ‘Vata’ season, according to Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurveda describes three ‘doshas’ or qualities ascribed to all things.  The Vata dosha is often compared to the wind, being erratic and changeable, quick, cooling and drying.

Autumn is a time of high energy, unpredictable weather, and increased activity.  To counter the unbalancing qualities of this season, try to follow the general guidelines below. You will likely catch fewer colds, have less dry skin and chapped lips, and feel better overall.

First and foremost, protect your neck from the cold and wind.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, the neck is the most vulnerable to those elements and the number one way we catch colds.  So never go out without a scarf.

Second, begin shifting away from cold, raw foods like salads and cold cereal and toward warm, unctuous (more oily), nurturing, cooked foods such as oatmeal, soups and casseroles.

Third, get a little extra rest by adding another half hour (and full hour by Winter) to your nights sleep.

Lastly, a technique from Ayurveda to further protect yourself from the drying effect of the cold and wind is to take a little ghee, cooking oil or even butter on your pinky fingers and lubricate inside your nostrils and ears.  Trust me, its great, and it really helps kids.

So stay warm, get your rest, keep lubricated, and enjoy a cold-free Autumn.