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5 Power Foods That Help You Combat Flu Season

5 Power Foods That Help You Combat Flu Season

5 Power Foods That Help You Combat Flu SeasonAt Live Well Holistic Health, we believe that everything we put in our bodies has the power to heal or harm. When it comes to flu season, this is the time we amp up on our favorite power foods to keep the immune system strong to fight against any viral invaders.

Start Before You Feel Symptoms

Way before you feel the aches, chills, lack of energy, and runny nose that can be the precursors of the flu, it is essential to work on preventative ground. With an armory of natural foods chock full of vitamins and minerals, we can help prevent the onset of symptoms, and even stop them in their tracks if they’ve already taken hold.

Here is our Live Well Holistic Health list of the five most powerful foods for warding off illness during flu season:


This is the superfood of flu fighters, and when you eat it raw you are tapping into its most potent aspects. Containing the antiviral compounds, allion and allicin, garlic can help destroy a virus before it worsens. Chew on a raw clove every few hours, if you and those around you can handle it; cut it into tiny pieces to swallow like pills; or crush and mix with honey, which is another strong antiviral food. Steam garlic cloves with other veggies, or add it to soups and other dishes, cooking for as little time possible in order to retain its medicinal properties.


Like garlic, onions also contain allion and allicin. Here too, you can eat raw onions every few hours to keep the flu away. Add diced pieces to your salad, soups, or steam them with other vegetables to put over rice, millet, or quinoa for a nutritious and medicinal meal.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has enormous healing powers. It helps strengthen the body in many ways, from enhancing the circulatory system to soothing digestive problems, and more. Containing capsaicin, this herb helps clear mucus from the nose and lungs, removing blockages to stimulate blood flow for healing. Make sure your cayenne powder is fresh so it can properly allow the body to perspire, flushing out toxins. The herb also contains a good quantity of beta-carotene, which helps protect against invading pathogens.

Ginger Root

Fresh ginger contains chemicals called sesquiterpenes that target viruses. Ginger helps to suppress coughing, reduce pain and fever, and functions as mild sedative to help you rest. It is also good for stomach ailments, hypertension, high cholesterol, and more. Here is our favorite ginger tea recipe:

•    Boil a kettle of water

•    Slice approximately two inches worth of fresh ginger root into thin pieces

•    Once water has boiled, add ginger and one teaspoon of cayenne and let sit for twenty minutes covered

•    Add the juice of a fresh lemon and about three tablespoons of honey to the pot


Berries contain a very high concentration of antioxidants, as well as large quantities of vitamin C. One serving of berries such as blueberries per day will help your immune system stay strong. If you can’t find fresh ones, frozen berries will do just fine.

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