5 Ways To Prevent Injury When Exercising

5 Ways To Prevent Injury When Exercising

5 Ways To Prevent Injury When ExercisingAt Live Well Holistic Health we believe in empowering people to take responsible care of themselves. This is especially important when it comes to preventing injury when exercising.

We all know that exercise is fundamental when it comes to achieving and maintaining health. In celebration of a strong and able body, we would like to recommend five ways to make the most out of your workout routine.

1. Warming up before you start

Warming up in the gym usually means a run on the treadmill or a fast biking session. At Live Well we tend the side of dancers when it comes to preparing the body. This means conscientious attention to stretching. Through a good stretch routine, the muscles become warm as they lengthen. Stretching also creates more space in the body, helping the spine to elongate and the joints to become more limber to allow for the maximum benefits from whatever your next exercise protocol entails.

2. Always having water on hand

Lubricating the body with water is tantamount to avoiding fatigue, cramps, dizziness, and dehydration. Fluids help the body and mind function efficiently, helping to create more energy and endurance while also regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and transporting nutrients for health. The ideal is to begin drinking water two hours before you begin exercising and then constantly sipping from your bottle throughout your workout. If you plan on a heavy workout, choose a beverage containing electrolytes to replace the loss of sodium and potassium. When you have finished your exercise routine, continue to drink water to help your muscles recover properly.

3. Know your limits

It is important to have a goal, but our credo at Live Well is to also respect the process. Changes don’t happen overnight and often you won’t feel the effects of your workout until one or two days afterwards, so its important to remember not to push beyond what is reasonable for your body. By listening to your body, you will know when you have done enough for the day. If you get cramps while you are exercising, stop to stretch them out. If they persist, it is time to stop and rest.

4. Cross train

Cross training gives you an all-over strength that helps prevent injury. When you balance one workout regimen with another, such as cardio with weight training, core strengthening with stretching, or simply just adding new exercises to your stretching and strengthening routine, you avoid over-working one muscle group.

5. Rest

At Live Well, we believe that rest is a highly underrated activity. It is essential that you plan for non-exercising days to allow body to assimilate what you have achieved. Along with rest comes sleep, and a deep sleep enhanced by regular hours helps to regenerate muscles, create renewed energy for the next day, and keep a regenerative and holistic balance between the autonomic and voluntary systems.

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