Acupressure Services near Philadelphia

Acupressure Services near Philadelphia

Acupressure Services near PhiladelphiaHolistic protocols and therapies for health and well being are finally moving into the consciousness of our world as viable means of caring for ourselves mind body and spirit. Some therapies like acupuncture and acupressure have been around for thousands of years while other protocols have evolved from the wisdom of the ancient natural traditions to make the best use of modern perspectives and technologies.

We now know that the medical aspects of “disease” are not all there is to it, and that our body mind and spirit is a complicated ecosystem of interactions best treated with an orchestration of care. Acupressure and acupuncture are ancient and are a part of that brilliant holistic system of care.

Acupressure and Benefits

It seems incredible that applied pressure to determined physical points on the body will exact a healing, but the Art of Acupressure has been successfully administered that way for 5,000 years. The basis of acupressure stems from the Chinese healing concept that all living things contain a vital energy or chi. Our bodies contain meridian energy pathways that connect to all parts of our physical and energy body and the chi flows along these meridians in specific ways. There are various points along these meridians that can be stimulated to relieve pain, unblock energetic locks, increase circulation, remove toxins and relieve nausea, headaches, muscle tension and stress.

Acupressure is actually derived from the modality of Acupuncture, which uses tiny needles in focused points instead of manual hand pressure. A good practitioner is versed in both. The Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore, PA is a highly recommended natural healing center that offers Acupressure as a healing protocol as well as a full range of complimentary approaches.

Live Well Holistic Health Center Ardmore, PA

Those who are treated at Live Well Holistic Health Center can expect the very best in holistic care. Dr. Orimenko DC, ND FIACA, his wife Traci and staff are here to address your health and help facilitate your wellness and peace of mind through our treatments that combine therapeutic modalities. Dr. Orimenko is a Natural Healthcare Practitioner and licensed Chiropractor with specialties in a range of modalities that include Acupressure along with Nutrition and Cleansing, Chiropractics and Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Emotional & Lifestyle Counseling, Ayurveda and Natural Supplement Prescriptions. Dr. Orimenko has found that the more complimentary modalities he brings into his orbit of circulation, the more comprehensive is his treatment plan. He is able to know his patients from many healing perspectives, and this gives a very in depth organic patient profile.

Acupressure and More

Aside form Dr. Orimenko’s gentle chiropractic and combined specialties, Live Well is a center for many different practitioners offering a variety of treatment options. These services include many styles of Therapeutic Massage, Food Education, Flower Essence Therapy, and Life Coaching.


The Live Well Holistic Health Center, located in Admore, PA, is dedicated to the natural restoration and maintenance of balance in the body mind and spirit. Let us help you address your heath in a natural way. Dr. Martin Orimenko’s holistic approach and unique and highly effective form of gentle chiropractic care can be the foundation to a wondrous life. Feel free to contact us through our online form, use our online scheduling tool or call (610) 896-1554 to make an appointment