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Pamela received her massage therapy diploma in Santa Fe, NM in 2003. She has been working with a wide variety of clients, including the elderly, children, athletes, students, enlisted military, caretakers, and desk-bound office workers ever since. After a decade of practicing in the southwest and California, she returned to her home-state of Pennsylvania in 2014 to be close to her new-born twin niece and nephew.

Pamela specializes in therapeutic massage for stress and pain relief. Her focus is on creating a safe and compassionate environment in order to deactivate the fight or flight response, thereby allowing the muscles to melt. As a Reiki Master, she is also well versed at supporting overall well-being through body, mind, spirit balancing and energetic alignment. She believes that the body’s innate state is one of health, and that by promoting a state of relaxation and cultivating life-force energy, it will return there naturally.

Sessions with Pamela are a unique blend of Swedish massage and various other techniques, possibly including Reiki, positional release, pressure point stimulation, stretching, and sports massage. She has a knack for helping people who are prone to headaches and a fondness for gently introducing newcomers to the world of bodywork. Her holistic and intuitive approach allows her to tailor each session to the client’s immediate needs and uncover the cause of the imbalance, rather than addressing the symptoms.