Basic Principles of Holistic Nutrition in Pennsylvania

Basic Principles of Holistic Nutrition in Pennsylvania

Basic Principles of Holistic Nutrition in PennsylvaniaBasic Principles of Holistic Nutrition in Pennsylvania

Nutrition is fundamental to optimal health and living a balanced life. Holistic nutrition is the naturopathic approach towards diet, and diet supplementation, as it considers the health and well being of the entire person. Holistic Nutrition is a facet of the larger plan toward Holistic Health and includes the mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as that of the physical body.

The intent of holistic nutrition is to create a life plan that integrates healthy food and practices into daily life to restore deep health, recover natural cycles of energy, rest and healing, to repair damage, and to revive the joy in living life.

Basic Nutrition

The first step towards holistic nutrition is to become acquainted with the basics of nutritional health and the natural organic needs of the body/mind. Non-refined, non-processed, living food holds the key. Simply put, when we eat better, we naturally feel better, think better and do better. Good living food from good clean sources is responsible for building, maintaining and regenerating every cell in our body as well as every chemical, hormonal and electrical function.

Components of a Healthy Diet

Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated instruments that operate well within a framework of balanced energy intake through healthy diet comprised of the following elements:

•    Macro-nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
•    Micro-nutrients including minerals, trace minerals and vitamins.
•    Fiber

How to Guidelines

Here are the basics to begin holistic nutrition:

•    Drink enough pure water. Eight 8-oz glasses is great.
•    Choose organic when you can. Avoid GMO’s, irradiated, pesticides and herbicides.
•    Buy locally grown when possible. Local means fresh.
•    Use whole grains. Nearly 22 nutrients are processed out of refined flours.
•    Eat essential fatty acids. Organic Salmon (not Farm Raised Salmon), cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, flax seed oil are great sources.
•    Go greens crazy. Overload on greens, colorful veggies and fruits.
•    Variety is the spice of life. Mix it up. We need at base over 40 different types of nutrients a day to thrive.

The Avoid list, eliminate:

•    Artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup and refined sugar.
•    Trans-fats. That’s in fast foods and processed foods as well as meats.
•    Food additives such as preservatives, MSG and artificial color.
•    Sodas and athletic drinks.
•    GMO’s are worth saying twice. Modified genetics are not for living things.

Helpful Hints

As you begin to make loving changes in your life, go gradually. Start by adding better foods and also substituting less healthy foods for good foods. For instance if you love fast food burgers, instead, make them at home with organic meat. Start where you are, no judgment.

•    Clean out your refrigerator and pantry and remove harmful products.
•    Supplement with plant based digestive enzymes and a multi-nutrient supplement.
•    Eat moderately and regularly and enjoy yourself.

Consider the added benefits of holistic protocols such as yoga, chiropractic care, ayurveda, naturopathic consultation and acupuncture to augment your nutritional plan and jump start your new life. A caring support system can make all the difference.


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