Behavior Modification Tips for Healthy Weight

Behavior Modification Tips for Healthy Weight

healthy weightlossDr. Martin Orimenko at the Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore is excellent at helping his patients lose extra weight and optimize their health and well-being. His approach includes supporting his patients on cleanses to reset their intestinal balance and remove physical blocks to losing weight. He also does Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help remove any psychological blocks, interferences and limiting beliefs. Auricular therapy treatment for weight loss can also be very helpful for patients, as can Laser Acupuncture; both of these are offered at Live Well by Dr. Martin Orimenko. Lastly, natural supplement prescriptions to help reduce emotional eating and boost the metabolism can be extremely helpful as well.

The following is a list of techniques to change your orientation to food. These ‘tricks’ will help you change how you think of food and how you approach eating. They have been immensely helpful for weight management.

Behavior modification techniques:

  • Break the activity of eating into a series of small steps: preparing, arranging, eating, etc.
  • Set the table for each meal; make it a ‘production’
  • Eat in only one room
  • Eat at the table
  • Serve small portions, use smaller plates, etc.
  • Serving dishes should not be placed on the table; portions should be placed onto the plate before serving
  • Put eating utensils down between bites
  • Stop eating for a couple of minutes during each meal
  • Prepare only enough food for one meal
  • Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and drink water with your meals
  • Make a food list before grocery shopping and stick to it
  • Never shop when hungry
  • Always leave some food on your plate
  • When eating foods like hot dogs or sandwiches prepare one and eat it before preparing a second
  • Do not keep snack or junk foods in the house
  • Do not read or watch television when you eat
  • Decide generally what you are going to eat before you look at a restaurant menu
  • Eat in front of a mirror – once
  • Eat with the non-dominant hand
  • Eat a meal with your eyes closed (to aid you in realizing that most food appeal is visual)
  • Keep only necessary foods available, such as foods with high nutritional value
  • Clear dishes directly into the garbage after completing the meal
  • Do not offer sweets to children
  • Eat with someone
  • Eat slowly
  • Save one item from each meal to eat later
  • Do not use high calorie items for snacks
  • Experiment with either exotic or attractively prepared foods
  • Swallow food in your mouth before taking another bite
  • Eat all food with utensils
  • Limit drinks which have high calorie content, especially at meal time
  • Plan delays during each meal
  • Chew food slowly and completely
  • Concentrate on food being eaten, not what remains on the plate
  • Set weekly goals for losing weight, changing behaviors and learning new skills
  • Keep a detailed record of food consumption, meals and snacks
  • Make a collage of pictures of how you’d like to look and feel and desired activities

In addition to the above ‘tricks’, engage in regular scheduled physical activity, preferably in groups, for improving health, feeling better, recreation and relaxation, reducing depression, increasing self-confidence, better weight control, socialization and camaraderie, healthy competition, self- improvement. And develop an active lifestyle by doing things like using stairs instead of an elevator and parking the car further from your destination.

I hope these tips will bring you to a higher level of health for all the days to come.

Dr. Martin Orimenko
Live Well Holistic Health Center