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The Best Chiropractic and Kinesiology Care in the Main Line Area

The Best Chiropractic and Kinesiology Care in the Main Line Area

The Best Chiropractic and Kinesiology Care in the Main Line AreaWe are a miracle. The body is an amazing opus designed to create and recreate itself with built-in healing capabilities. Our brain and spine coordinate and direct the operation of all organs and body systems. Our body’s nervous system is an information highway designed to communicate, transport, control and connect all biological and electrical processes, as well as movement.

A healthy nervous system is crucial to overall wellbeing.  Chiropractic care focuses on correcting misalignments or subluxations in your spine, to assist in optimizing and restoring the proper function of the nervous system. Chiropractic care seeks focus through spinal attention, but it is restorative of every function, organ and system in the mind and body and spirit.

Chiropractic Care with Dr. Martin Orimenko

The Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, is under the caring direction of Dr. Martin Orimenko, a licensed Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Naturopath, and his staff.   Dr. Orimenko provides gentle Chiropractic treatments and holistic health perspectives, including natural medicine and holistic nutrition elements. Dr. Martin has a diverse background having earned a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractics as well as specialties in applied kinesiology, clinical nutrition, Cranio-Sacral, sports medicine, Ayurveydic medicine and acupuncture. He has additional experience in breath work, acupressure, and Reiki as well.

Uniquely Rich Background

This uniquely rich background enables Dr. Orimenko to see the patient in a more orchestrated way. He is able to combine modalities to approach the total person in encouraging the body systems back to wellness. Using natural solutions and complimentary protocols in tandem exacts a more efficient and economical session as well.  Dr. Orimenko has been in practice for 23 years having treated over 6,000 patients, so he brings a wealth of intuition and experience to all of his patients.

Dr. Orimenko’s 30 minute sessions include blended care through a focus of chiropractic techniques that gently reposition bones and soft tissue allowing a freer flow of energy through the spine. Massage for myofascial release and additional physical therapies that may include far-infrared and vibration, laser acupuncture and acupressure are also applied as needed.

Purpose of Chiropractic Care

Though Chiropractic care may initially be sought to alleviate pain, pain relief is actually a result of the restoration of balance in the spine and entire body and energetic field. To be without pain is only the beginning of living with a sense of well being. It is the difference between surviving and thriving. Dr. Orimenko’s process assists in reviving free movement and natural posture, restores balanced blood flow and elevates emotional outlook.

Combining therapeutic protocols is a unique perspective to Dr. Orimenko as a Chiropractor ahead of the trend. It is fast becoming the obvious, most affective holistic treatment direction, as we grow to understand that our body, mind and spirit interacts in cohesive layered conversations that are best addressed with different protocols within one session.

Patients feel well after a treatment with Dr. Orimenko and most schedule a monthly “tune-up” to sustain wellness and preventative care.


The Live Well Holistic Health Center, located in Admore, PA, is dedicated to helping people thrive through holistic and natural approaches. Dr. Orimenko works with and an expert staff, who additionally offer assistance through Therapeutic Massage, Flower Essence Therapy, Life Coaching and Food Education. Let us support you here at the Center. Feel free to contact us through our online form, use our online scheduling tool or call (610) 896-1554 to make an appointment.