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Best Way To Deal With Post Exercise Soreness

Best Way To Deal With Post Exercise Soreness

Best Way To Deal With Post Exercise SorenessPeople can have very different views about muscle soreness that occurs due to exercise.Some think it is a sign that they are doing something positive, and here it works as an inspiration to continue. Others feel that discomfort is a counterproductive sign and use it as an excuse to drop out of exercise routine.

A Minimum of Discomfort, a Maximum of Exhilaration

At Live Well Holistic Health we believe that part of living a healthy and productive life is to practice a variety of exercise protocols. What we don’t believe is that post exercise soreness is an essential to a workout program. Instead, if an activity is done correctly, we feel that there should be a minimum of discomfort and a maximum of exhilaration.Recovering Quickly Proper post workout protocols are those that allow the body to recover quickly in order to reap the results of your exercise program. Here the key word is “recovery,” which is the key to making sure that no matter how hard you push yourself, your muscles have a chance to recuperate in a healthy fashion.

Increasing Circulation

The idea behind a good workout has to do with strengthening your muscles, increasing bone density, increase aerobic performance, and achieving greater flexibility. When muscles are challenged through exercise, tiny tears occur in their fibers. Part of the recovery process is to allow these tears to be repaired through proper blood flow through the area. Stretching after each workout and doing a lighter exercise like walking or easy biking after you have finished a heavy one will do the trick. Alternate between a hot and cold shower when you are ready to rinse off will also help increase circulation.

Releasing Contracted Muscles

An efficient cool down is key in helping contracted muscles to release. This is accomplished through stretching, and also through massage, which will help to remove adhesions, tightness, and soreness, as well as excess fluids that can cause irritation to the muscles.  At Live Well Holistic Health we recommend a deep sports massage every now and then to keep the body in good working order.


Muscles need proper hydration. Drinking water throughout your workout as well as after is essential to keeping muscles lubricated. Water also flushes out toxins that can build up and cause soreness, so be sure to drink approximately 24 ounces per each hour of exercise. When you are properly hydrated, your urine should be clear.


The best way to benefit from your workout is to fuel the body with an adequate amount of protein. This is the way the body can absorb energy and repair itself. Have a piece of salmon or chicken along with a high protein grain like quinoa, or a high protein shake with whey or soy powder.

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