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Body Balance: Our Number One Nutritional Supplement

Body Balance: Our Number One Nutritional Supplement

Years ago a holistic doctor friend told me about this liquid whole food supplement that would help lots of different patients heal and feel great.  He was right!

‘Body Balance’ has been my number one supplement for the past 8 years.  Loaded with 121 naturally occurring nutrients, it supplies the body with such an array that it has an easier time healing itself.  It is comprised of 9 different kinds of sea vegetables, the most nutrient-dense plants ever discovered, and organic aloe vera juice, considered a miracle healer by the native Americans.  The ‘algin’ in the seaweeds detoxifies chemicals, heavy metals and  radiation.

The combination of sea vegetables and aloe gives you all 8 essential ‘glyconutrients’ that enhance cell-to-cell communication and facilitate your immune and endocrine systems.  The seaweeds alkalinize your system and the aloe facilitates nutrient absorption in the intestines.  Both sea vegetables and aloe have anti-tumor compounds and help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

The list of benefits from this supplement goes on and on.  Suffice to say that this good-tasting juice has helped more types of patients feel more energetic and ‘well’ than any single product I’ve ever carried, and I’ve carried hundreds.

Call us at 610-896-1554 or email us at thrive@livewellholistichealth.com for more information or to order some Body Balance for you and your family.  Even children love the taste!

Stop by our Center to taste a sample of this supplement and to ask Dr. Martin Orimenko how you can address any health concerns using our all natural holistic approach to medicine at our Live Well Holistic Health Center on the Main Line, just outside of Philadelphia.  Live Well & Thrive!