Destress With Our 15 Minute Chair Message Therapy For Students in Philadelphia

Destress With Our 15 Minute Chair Message Therapy For Students in Philadelphia

Destress With Our 15 Minute Chair Message Therapy For Students in PhiladelphiaDestress With Our 15 Minute Chair Message Therapy For Students in Philadelphia

Our modern world frequently runs contrary to the natural laws of health and well being. Fortunately, we are waking up, and holistic perspectives are slowly finding their way into the mainstream. For instance, Therapeutic Massage is no longer seen as some luxury treat for the well-pampered.  We are now aware of the deeply healthful and resonant benefits of Therapeutic Massage as a healing protocol and wellness support.

Massage fundamentally brings deep relaxation to body and mind, releases painful muscles, ligaments and tendons, improves circulation and restores range of motion to joints. We also know that stress is a hugely important contributor to chronic disease, so the release of stress through Therapeutic Massage is incredibly beneficial. There are many types and techniques of Therapeutic Massage and approaches and they needn’t be long and involved to be beneficial. Here is a look at the benefits of even a short duration Chair Massage.

Chair Massage

The massage chair as opposed to the massage table is a very versatile and effective design. It enables the practitioner to treat the client anywhere. It is also a perfect design for those with mobility and physical issues that make lying down difficult.  The chair design actually promoted the development of techniques that deliver the maximum beneficial experience within a very short duration of time. This is perfect for those seeking the benefits of massage during work lunch hours and especially for students on the go facing the stress of classes, grades, papers and tests.


Live Well Holistic Health Center

The Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore, PA, is under the dedicated care of Dr. Martin Orimenko DC, ND, FIACA , a licensed Chiropractor, Naturopath and Nutritionist who has been in practice for 23 years.  Live Well maintains a staff of 4 licensed Massage Therapists with extensive experience in a full range of advanced and traditional massage techniques. The holistic treatment of the individual is primary at Live Well and our massage therapists consider each individual, and customize treatments to suit exact needs. Live Well offers Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology, as well as Structural, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Core Awakening Work. Our therapists have multiple areas of practice expertise which allow them to combine healing protocols to provide a holistic healing experience that is exponentially effective.

Chair Massage at Live Well

Live Well offers a 30 minute or 1 hour Chair Massage on Tuesdays and Fridays (other timings can be arranged personally), and full body massages Mondays through Fridays. You will experience your Chair Massage while seated fully clothed in our specially designed supportive massage chair. Our therapist will massage your back, neck, head and arms. You can feel free to discuss your special needs with your therapist and be sure to dress in comfortable clothing. Custom-tailored massages that include both chair and table massage can also be arranged in advance of your arrival. We are here to help and support.


The Live Well Holistic Health Center is located in Admore, PA offers a full range of holistic services as well as Therapeutic Massage. These include Dr. Orimenko’s areas of gentle Chiropractics, Ayurvedic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Myofascial Therapy, Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Sports Medicine. We also have Flower Essence Therapy, Food Education and Life Coaching. Feel free to browse our website and contact us through our online form, use our online scheduling tool or call (610) 896-1554 to make an appointment.