Doctors Using Holistic Remedies for Pain Management

Doctors Using Holistic Remedies for Pain Management

Doctors Using Holistic Remedies for Pain ManagementAt Live Well Holistic Health, we are proponents of using holistic remedies to manage pain. As believers in alternative methodologies that are non-invasive and do not require surgery, we are able to provide deep relief for our clients suffering from chronic or sudden injuries.


Using gentle chiropractic techniques, we are able to release blockages due to misalignment in the spine or other areas where mobility is impaired. By re-aligning the back, we are able to treating a multitude of other disorders including the muscular-skeletal structure and those of the nervous system.A non-invasive Manual therapy that aligns body to create more space internally relieves pressure on vertebrae and other bones, and chiropractic frees the organs for better function, allowing for greater flow of oxygen and blood to the brain and entire body. Highly effective for lower back and neck pain, this treatment can alleviate and eliminate discomfort.


Through massage, muscles are coaxed to release, thus relieving pressure that they may be placing on bones and organs. Massage is a powerful pain manager, allowing for a better quality of life by assisting sleep patterns, improving circulation to nourish cells and improve internal waste removal, loosen knots, decompress nerves such as in carpel tunnel and sciatica, provide greater physical flexibility, and enhance vitality.


The ancient art of acupuncture has been used in Asia for centuries for a myriad of conditions. At Live Well Holistic Health, we have witnessed the removal of pain through the use of this holistic system, whether it is caused by osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries, and more. Acupuncture helps to release endorphins and serotonin to alleviate pain while releasing the flow of “chi” or energy that is necessary for health.  When chi is blocked due, pain and other complications can ensue due to internal imbalance. As internal energy increases, symptoms are relieved and organ and cognitive function increases. A safe healing protocol, acupuncture is excellent for relieving chronic pain, including migraine headaches.

Natural Herbs

Pain is generally caused when there is inflammation inside the body. There are many natural herbs that reduce inflammatory conditions caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle strain. Here is a list of some that can alleviate symptoms in order to create relief:

•Capsaicin, an active component of chili pepper temporarily desensitizes nerve receptors in skin, diminishing soreness and can be applied as an ointment or cream can apply or taken in capsules form.

•Arnica can be taken orally reduce pain before and after surgery or when an injury occurs. The ointment or cream can also be rubbed into the painful area.

•Fish oil can relieve pain from arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and injuries due to its ability to break down into chemicals similar to those found in prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation. Fish oil is also good for heart health.

•Red seaweed supplements are rich in calcium and magnesium and excellent for joint inflammation while helping to build bone strength.

•SAM-e (S adenosylmethionine), made from a naturally occurring amino acid, is sold in capsules and can reduce inflammation and increase the brain’s feel-good chemicals, serotonin and dopamine.

•MSM (mehtoylsulfonyl-methane) comes from sulfur and can prevent joint and cartilage degeneration while also alleviating pain.

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