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Dr. Martin Orimenko’s Philosophy

Dr. Martin Orimenko’s Philosophy

Dr. Martin Orimenko, DC, ND, FIACA

I believe that the body knows how to heal itself of nearly everything, but at times becomes stuck or overwhelmed. It can be stuck or overwhelmed physically, chemically or emotionally. A condition may have come on suddenly, or taken months or years to develop. I believe many different healing techniques work and I choose to incorporate several of the best ones. I use a variety of the best techniques from chiropractic, kiniesiology, ayurveda, massage, and acupressure. I also believe that diet and nutrition play a critical role in our overall health. Therefore I incorporate, when needed, recommendations for changes in diet, nutritional supplements and cleansing programs. I also believe that emotions can interfere with healing and actually create certain conditions. Therefore, I utilize a quick and painless emotional clearing technique called NeuroEmotional Technique when called for.

As an expert and an authority in facilitating the healing process, I will do my absolute best, using all that I know, to bring about healing for you as fast as possible, but I will need your full cooperation and commitment in order for us to have success. This may mean agreeing to a treatment plan, changing your diet, taking certain supplements or adding a home exercise for example. If we work together, my goal is to restore you to your optimal health and vitality!