Effective Natural Healing Services Near Philadelphia

Effective Natural Healing Services Near Philadelphia

Effective Natural Healing Services near PhiladelphiaAt Live Well Holistic Health, we bring 22 years of experience to the Philadelphia area, with seven independent contractors dedicated to helping you with what you need to achieve optimum health. With a completely natural approach to wellness, we will look at your symptoms in order to understand, treat, and heal the root cause.

A Completely Holistic Approach

Our belief is that a healthy body has to do with a completely holistic approach. In this regard, we take time to thoroughly learn about your history in order to discover the proper healing protocol. Then we follow your path to wellness with the attention and care you deserve.

Employing a Body/Mind Approach

Each practitioner at Live Well Holistic Health is aware of how the physical and psychological are intrinsically related. In this regard, we employ a body/mind approach, understanding exactly how one aspect affects the other and working with you accordingly.

Realizing a Healthy and Youthful Spine

With a practice that began in California where there is an inherent sense of natural living embedded in the culture, Dr. Orimenko subsequently moved to the Philadelphia area where he is considered one of the most well-rounded and respected healers. His light touch chiropractic achieves the least invasive yet the greatest results in order to help each client realize a healthy and youthful spine.

Our Many Healing Protocols

Other protocols given at Live Well Holistic Health include therapeutic massage to reduce and relieve muscular tension while eliminating stress and anxiety, acupressure, laser acupuncture, neuro-emotional technique, various physiotherapies, and attending to food allergies. Our clients have told us that a visit to our clinic gives them the sensation of going to a spa while receiving a life coaching session at the same time, and this is exactly what we hoped to achieve when we opened our doors.

Providing You with a Transformative

Experience At Live Well Holistic Health, our mission is to give you a transformative experience every time. We look at health as an interactive experience, where you participate as much as we do in finding the pathway to your optimum strength.

Sharing the Responsibility for Health

Our practice is designed to give you the tools to take responsibility for the right diet and exercise program that will keep you on a positive track. With our help, we plan the right trajectory for you through the various healing modalities we offer, as well as how to enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle that will add years to your life and buoyancy to your step, no matter what your condition or age.

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For more information on how we can help you gain greater health, contact us today via our online form or scheduling tool or simply call: 610 896 1554.