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Flower Essence Therapy Sessions with Rhoni Groff are Now Available At Live Well!

Flower Essence Therapy Sessions with Rhoni Groff are Now Available At Live Well!

Flower Essences are plant energy or vibration in a liquid form. They have been used for centuries in many cultures for healing, for ceremony, and for spiritual development. Most recently, a British physician, bacteriologist and homeopath named Edward Bach reintroduced them to our culture.

Many of us have suffered from various woundings and traumas in our early lives due to the actions of others and our interpretations of those actions. These traumas become housed in our bodies and create imprints of how we interact with the world and ourselves. Healing and removing these thought patterns and basic beliefs are integral to a balanced and happy life. This is where the brilliance of flower essence therapy dances into our lives.

Flower Essence Therapy works with the body, mind and spirit to help release tendencies and limiting thought patterns that no longer serve us. Flower Essences treat: anger, anxiety/panic attacks, birth trauma, depression, grief, Lyme symptoms, self-esteem, stress, transitions, and victims of sexual/physical/verbal abuse. They enhance overall well being.

Flower Essences carry the vibration of the flower, and bestow it’s wisdom and healing. Flower Essence therapy can help us remember our truest selves, to take responsibility for our growth, and to be more in tune with the underlying beliefs that can keep us recycling negative life experiences. Over time, flower essences and vibrational essences create very real and deep changes in one’s emotional body and the personality.

In her work, Rhoni Groff combines her studies and artistic approach with her deeply caring, nurturing and intuitive self to support people in ridding themselves of beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving them.

Flower essences are a perfect complement to many of today’s natural health practices. They enhance the effects of energy work, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy, cranial-sacral work, massage, aromatherapy and many other forms of healing and treatment. Flower Essences are safe, natural and non-toxic.

The healings provided by Flower Essence Therapy is very gentle and very deep, and we’re so happy to be able to offer this new service at Live Well, by appointment. To learn more about Rhoni’s Flower Essence Therapy sessions at Live Well, please call us at (610) 896-1554.