Food Allergies: More Common Than You May Think

Food Allergies: More Common Than You May Think

Food allergies and sensitivities are all the rage. Going ‘gluten-free’ is almost a fad these days. You are likely reading about it in magazines and hearing about movie stars trying it. Well, just like antioxidants in blueberries and omega 3 in fish oil, food sensitivities are something us Naturopaths and Clinical Nutritionists have been preaching for decades.

In my own practice of twenty plus years, not a week has gone by that I haven’t taken someone off of one or another foods to help them turn their health around. A great many people are eating foods everyday that their bodies don’t process very well. When they do, it causes inflammation in the intestinal tract, and that can create conditions both subtle and gross such as low energy, brain fog, gas and bloating, headaches, rashes and much more.

I have hundreds of success stories I could share. Here are two. One woman came to me complaining of daily headaches for the past 30 years. Mayo Clinic did not help, nor did any of the other dozen clinics she went to. She came on referral from one of my patients and told me her story. Within the first ten minutes I determined that she had a dairy sensitivity as well as a fungal (yeast) overgrowth. She started eating dairy free and clearing out the yeast, and in less than a week her headaches were gone and have not come back.

Another patient presented with fatigue, gas and bloating and GERD (reflux and heartburn). I determined that he had an intolerance to gluten (not as bad as Celiac’s) and several other common foods. Removing those foods and taking some intestinal herbal remedies cleared his condition within two weeks. Both of these case studies are representative of the experience most patients have when they come to me for food allergy and sensitivity testing.

I have also had patients who were being treated for neck or back problems and no other major complaints whom I ran my testing on just to see and whom showed sensitivities to certain foods. Going off the foods that tested positive resulted in them having more energy, better sleep, less colds and sinus problems, clearer skin and less headaches, to name a few.

If you are experiencing nagging health issues, please consider making an appointment so we can look at any food sensitivities, allergies and/or other underlying issues. Health is our greatest wealth, and I’m here to help you feel rich!