The Healthy Way to Jumpstart Your Morning

The Healthy Way to Jumpstart Your Morning

The Healthy Way to Jumpstart Your MorningNot everyone is a morning person, but we all have to get up sometime. At Live Well Holistic Health, we are quite aware that for some of you it is a task to get yourself in action, and with this in mind we would like to suggest some effective steps to get your motor running.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The healthiest way to jumpstart your morning is to start the night before by getting a good night’s sleep. If you have trouble becoming drowsy, make yourself a Verbena or Chamomile tea just before retiring. A beautiful meditation tape is another way to help lull you to sleep, with the additional benefit of adding positive thoughts that can help boost a positive outlook on life.

Stretching in the Morning

There are several morning rituals that can help you find joy in waking up each day. We find that doing a simple stretch the moment you place your feet on the ground is a great way to begin. Stretching your body takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require much space as you wake up your muscles, increase circulation, improve your flexibility, and activate your brain:

•    Reach your arms overhead as if you could touch ceiling, stretching from your feet to your fingertips.

•    Drop arms, place your chin on your chest and roll down through the spine one vertebra at a time until you are as low as you can go with knees bent slightly.

•    Roll up slowly and repeat a few times.

Expanding Your Workout

If you have time to do a workout in the morning, this is ideal for boosting energy and starting up your metabolism. Jog or ride a bike, do a circuit routine at the gym, or do an early morning yoga class or even just a few poses in your living room to awaken your senses for the coming day.

A Healthy Breakfast

As all of you must realize by now, a healthy breakfast is fundamental for putting you on the right foot. Eating a balanced and nutritious morning meal helps to increase your concentration and keep your weight down as it lessens the possibility of binging before lunch. Choosing foods like oatmeal, whole grain cereal or bread with natural peanut, almond, or cashew butter, fruits, yogurt, and free-range eggs make for a delicious and wholesome menu. At Live Well Holistic Health, one of our favorite breakfasts is goat cheese, avocado, and sliced tomato on a whole grain bagel.  Replacing coffee or other caffeinated drinks with green tea will give you energy while providing enormous antioxidant value.

A Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude by being grateful for what you have and envisioning what you wish for as if it was already happening, will help you set the stage for a positive and uplifting day.

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