Losing Weight for Your Health? Simple Eating Habits to Get You Started

Losing Weight for Your Health? Simple Eating Habits to Get You Started

Losing Weight for Your Health? Simple Eating Habits to Get You StartedAt Live Well Holistic Health, we believe that losing weight is a matter of adopting the right eating habits. Choosing foods that create a balanced meal, paying attention to those that give you the greatest amount of nutrition, is key.

A Healthy Breakfast
The first key point when it comes to simple eating habits to get you started on the path to weight loss is eating a good breakfast. As one of the most important meals when it comes to weight loss, a healthy breakfast helps to reduce hunger and the risk of overeating and making poor food choices before and after lunch.

Avoiding the Binge Factor
Choosing breakfast foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals and that are low in calories ensures that you will not binge later on in the day. Choose whole grain breads and cereals, fresh fruits like berries and bananas, and green tea instead of coffee, which spikes blood sugar levels.

Don’t Skip Meals
Making sure that you don’t skip meals is an essential element in keeping the body in good shape. We at Live Well Holistic Health support the theory that eating small meals often goes a long way to help you keep your cortisol levels on an even keel. When cortisol rises, the body generally will begin to store fat in the abdominal area, thinking that it needs the extra weight to keep the body satisfied. When you eat small meals, you are helping yourself reduce cortisol levels and lose excess belly fat.

Maintaining Proper Metabolism Function
Small meals also help to keep the metabolism functioning efficiently. Because there is less food to digest at one time, it is easier to remain regular, allowing the body to cleanse properly through elimination.

Drink Enough Water
Drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day keeps the body hydrated while also supplying energy and filling you up so that you don’t crave unnecessary foods. Six
to eight 12-ounce glasses a day is ideal.

Healthy Meal Choices
By making healthy meal choices you will feel better, have more energy, stabilize your mood, and increase your brain capacity. Selecting fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables as the basis for your daily menus is important.

Eating Natural and Colorful Foods
Avoiding fad diets and balancing carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals is the ideal way to lose weight and keep the pounds off. Eat brightly colored natural foods to ensure a high intake of antioxidants, eat whole grains, increase your intake of foods rich in Omega 3 fats such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, and herring, and incorporate beans, nuts, and seeds for extra nutrients.

What to Avoid
Avoid foods that contain refined sugar, saturated fats, caffeine, wheat, and milk products.
Take time to chew your food well and listen to your body to find out when you are really hungry and when you are full. Avoid eating late at night, especially when it comes to snacking.

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By eating intelligently you can achieve your ideal weight and maintain it while increasing your energy levels and enhancing your immune system. For more information on healthy protocols, contact Live Well Holistic Health via our online form or scheduling tool at www.livewellholistichealth.com, or call: 610 896 1554.