What Are The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain?

What Are The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain?

What Are The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain?Neck pain is often referred to as cervical pain and can include many uncomfortable symptoms. Back pain can often start out as a twinge and increase in intensity if left untreated. When the first signs of discomfort occur, it is best to see a professional who can gently and deliberately help to remove the problem.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is becoming more common as we sit in front of our computers, especially if we are not careful to observe proper posture. Neck stiffness and obstruction of movement can also be accompanied by upper and/or lower back pain, which may be the result of pinched nerves due to compression.  Cervical discomfort can be the result of an injury to the area caused by athletic activities, a motor vehicle accident, or any type of fall. Whiplash, a pinched nerve, or a herniated disc are common causes of intense pain in the cervical vertebrae, causing inflammation and loss of free movement. Infections that lead to swollen glands can also cause neck pain, as well as fibromyalgia or any type of tenderness, muscle pain, or fatigue in the body. Degenerative disc problems can also lead to aching, stiffness, and limited motion. Stress is one of the main culprits of a stiff and painful neck. This kind of tension can lead to a more long-term condition, as hormones are released that tense muscles and cause further anxiety.

Back Pain

Back pain can also be the result of the above conditions. When the spine’s movement is impeded in anyway, the entire body is affected, including the ability for oxygen and blood to be delivered to the organs and brain. When there is degeneration of the vertebral discs, the spine is no longer cushioned in a protective way. When the joints connecting the vertebrae to one another are compromised, muscle tension and painful spasms can ensue.Ruptured or herniated discs due to accidents or sports injuries, sprains or tears in the ligaments of the spine that occur from lifting or twisting improperly, and osteoporosis causing weak and porous bones are all culprits when it comes to the health of the spine. Scoliosis causing curvature of spine, arthritis, pregnancy, kidney stones, tumors, infections, and kidney stones can also cause back pain. Lack of proper sleep, depression, and even an excess of caffeine can also cause the back and neck inordinate amounts of discomfort. Neck and back pain can be relieved and cured. When muscle tension is controlled, the anxiety due to discomfort begins to decrease and the body conspires with a good practitioner to heal.

Protocols to Restore Neck and Back Health

At Live Well Holistic Health, we use various protocols to relieve tension and pain. Whether it is deep and healing massage or gentle chiropractic to take the pressure off impinged nerves and muscles, we offer over 23 years of experience in helping patients feel better.

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