Master Aromatherapist, Siddiqa Salter, is now at Live Well!

Master Aromatherapist, Siddiqa Salter, is now at Live Well!

We are excited to have Siddiqa here with us at Live Well on Wednesdays starting in October 2010.  Siddiqa is a Master Aromatherapist, body worker, energy healer, coach, counselor, breath worker, yoga teacher, and an all around vibrant being.  She comes to us at Live Well to share her gifts in a number of specialty treatment and teaching offerings.  Call us at (610) 896-1554 to schedule your session with Siddiqa!

About Siddiqa
Siddiqa Salter is a Master Aromatherapist specializing in Medicinal Aromatherapy consultations, workshops, certification courses, and holistic wellness retreats.  Her signature offering is The Total Body Bliss, a sublime experience in massage, energy work and essential oils.

Siddiqa holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the esteemed University of Santa Monica and weaves her heart centered counseling skills into all that she does.  Yoga is one her greatest joys and she holds numerous certifications in Kundalini, Prenatal and Hatha Yoga.  Siddiqa currently teaches yoga at Cerca Trova Yoga Center in Havertown, PA.  As a certified massage therapist, Rebirthing Breath Coach and Energy Worker Siddiqa brings a unique blend of modalities into her healing sessions.  She hosts a popular weekly show called The Renegade Aromatherapist on Soulgarden.tv where each week she delves into the teachings of the Plant and Tree Kingdom sharing how one can practically apply this medicine to everyday life.  She also teaches the Level 1 Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Course that is a magical blend of both practical and esoteric teachings.  Ask about her upcoming course dates.

For over a decade Siddiqa has devoted her life to helping people listen to the innate wisdom of their bodies, make healthy choices and live life vibrantly with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, yoga, cleansing and positive mental awareness.

To learn more about Siddiqa please visit her website at:  EssentiallySiddiqa.com

Medicinal Aromatherapy Consultation:
Feeling tired, run down or frustrated with your health?  Want more from your life?  Ready to expand, uplevel and embrace yourself in the way Mother Nature intended?  A consultation is the perfect way to get started.  Siddiqa’s expert knowledge and pristine intuition enable her to create a customized essential oil protocol for your highest well-being.  True Medicinal Aromatherapy addresses the entire being not just the symptoms.  Anyone can sell you an essential oil but working with Siddiqa will empower you to discover your true health.  Her clients have experienced freedom from pharmaceuticals, digestive issues, menopause discomfort, depression, migraines, and a myriad of other physical and emotional issues.   Consultations are always about you, your life and your budget, never generic.
30 minutes $45
60 minutes $75

Medicinal Aromatherapy Session:

Experience and in-depth consultation followed by a localized hands-on essential oil treatment that targets specific areas of need.  Siddiqa combines honoring your questions and concerns with her strong intuition to create a powerful custom designed healing session. This treatment is perfect for those wanting assistance with colds, flu, headaches, localized pain or discomfort, digestive upset, mental clarity, and energetic and vibrational up leveling.  Please wear loose comfortable clothes contusive to targeted essential oil application.
Quick Fix: 30 minutes $55
Standard Session: 60 minutes $110

Total Body Blisssignature treatment
This unique and intoxicating total body treatment is a wellness experience like no other.  After receiving your wellness consultation, relax on the massage table while being anointed with over 400 drops of the finest essential oils available today. Your body will be coaxed into a state of grace with the combination of essential oils, massage therapy and energy work.  Anointing with the plant essences is an ancient and sacred tradition.  Siddiqa is one of the only Master Aromatherapists in the world who anoints clients in this age-old way.  The Total Body Bliss is the ultimate experience in relaxation, detoxification, release and pure communion with the Plant and Tree Kingdom.  Be prepared to enter into the Divine!
1 hour 30 minutes $150

Private Yoga:
An individualized session custom tailored for each client based on your physical level of strength, flexibility, knowledge, comfort and desired goals.  Sessions are totally focused on you so that you get exactly what you need from your yoga experience.  You will learn more about your body and its ability to heal itself with Siddiqa’s compassionate and loving approach to reaching your fullest potential.  Siddiqa has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and rejoices in assisting you decompress, breathe more fully and feel long and limber.  Small yoga assignments will be given for you to practice between sessions.
1 hour  $75