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More Than Meets the Eye: Back Pain

More Than Meets the Eye: Back Pain

I recently had an interesting case that will give some insight into back pain and the need to look at the underlying cause of any situation.  A patient, I’ll call him Ted, came in complaining of debilitating low back pain, which unfortunately is ever so common.

After a thorough analysis of Ted and his situation I determined, as is so often the case, that several factors had come together to create his back pain.  One of those factors was emotional.

Ted had lifted a few boxes the day before the pain came on.  Nothing he had lifted was tremendously heavy, and he was genuinely surprised that his back had gone out.  In my special healing wizardry mode I asked Ted if he had recently undergone any stress that included anger and resentment.  He looked at me in such a way as to say, ‘How d you know that?’

As it turned out, those boxes he lifted were at what used to be his house, now his ex-wife’s, with whom he is still struggling emotionally.  On top of that, he was in a hurry to get the job over with.  What a perfect set up to throw your back out!
Ted had what I call a ‘lock-up’, where the muscles spasm and won’t let go, which leads to spinal vertebrae going out of alignment and then on top of that, there is the creation of additional stress from being incapacitated and unable to do the things you want to do.

As part of my treatment, I used special massage techniques, some gentle spinal re-alignment and some physiotherapy.  I also used Neuro-Emotional Technique to help clear the mental stress issues that Ted was holding in his body.  With that powerful combination, he got better pretty quickly and was able to move on rather than being stuck at home flat on his back.

With this post I want to remind you that you don’t need to be in pain or feel stuck with certain health conditions.  We’re here to help, and same day appointments are often available.  Give us a call to talk about any conditions you have that may be concerning you.  Health is your greatest wealth, and you deserve to be rich!