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Natural Ways to Heal Cuts Quickly

Natural Ways to Heal Cuts Quickly

Natural Ways to Heal Cuts QuicklySkin is the body’s largest organ, providing a protective barrier to help keeps us healthy. When we are wounded, a break is formed where moisture escapes from the tissues causing the superficial cells to die, whereupon a scab forms to protect the vulnerable area as it heals.

Holistic Solutions
the skin is quite able to heal itself, however when various biochemical processes activate to cause the destruction of white and blood cells, we many need extra assistance. At Live Well Holistic Health, we believe in utilizing natural ways to heal cuts quickly, always looking for holistic solutions that avoid harsh chemicals.

The Power of Inflammation
When the skin is cut, it often becomes inflamed. This is a necessary process to protect the area from further injury as tissues begin to be repaired. Often we try to speed the healing process by using harsh antiseptics along with bandages that dry out the area, instead of keeping it moist.

Keeping Wounds Moist
While keeping a wound dry allows a scab to form, it also can also cause scar formation, which may prevent essential new cells from assisting in the healing process. We at Live Well Holistic Health feel that wounds that remain moist heal better, thus advocating semi-occlusive bandages and polymer films and foams that allow oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor to do their healing magic while keeping the area insulated.

Cleaning a Cut
Cleaning a cut is important, but often using antiseptics will kill not only germs, but also leucocytes and fibroblasts that are natural cleansers and create new skin respectively. Rubbing cuts with medications can interfere with the body’s own healing mechanisms. Washing the area with a simple saline solution is usually the perfect way to successfully clean a wound that does not go too deep.

Using Natural Products
Here are a few suggestions on how to heal cuts using natural products:
•    Natural, organic honey is excellent for use on superficial cuts and burns. Honey is an antibacterial that cleanses and prevents infection, containing enzymes that help to reduce swelling and minimize scarring. Put honey on sterile gauze and change it every 24 hours.
•    Echinacea is a powerful natural antiseptic that fights infection and promotes healing.
•    Calendula, tea tree oil, and lavender have healing and soothing properties.
•    Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) tincture relieves pain in injured areas by soothing the nerves.
•    Aloe Vera and Comfrey are powerful healing agents for shallow cuts and scrapes.

•    Arnica is a well-known plant for treating injuries and bruises and can be taken internally or applied topically.
•    Silicea helps to remove foreign bodies such as splinters, thorns, and glass shards.
•    Maintaining a good diet boosts the immune system, which helps the body to heal faster. Adding protein to the diet helps to repair damaged tissues in service of wound repair.

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