Natural Ways to Feel Your Absolute Best

Natural Ways to Feel Your Absolute Best

Do you feel low energy or have problems concentrating? Are you getting sick too often, catching every cold or flu that comes along? Are you experiencing aches and pains that are slow to heal? Do you get frequent headaches? Are you worried about the spring coming and your allergy and sinus issues returning? Do you take medications that suppress symptoms but don’t fix the problem? Did you know that a comprehensive and well rounded natural medicine approach to your health can change all of the above?

Nearly every condition is a combination of imbalances coming together. Factors such as spinal integrity, nutrition, toxicity and stress can interact to create various health conditions, or simply make you feel less than 100%. The approach we take at Live Well
Holistic Health Center looks at the whole person and aims to address all of the possible contributing factors.

Dr. Martin Orimenko is a multidisciplinary holistic doctor trained in chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, ayurveda, energy healing and more. He always screens for the various possible
contributing factors to any condition. When patients come to him, Dr. Martin corrects structural imbalances, assists people in cleansing and detoxifying, relieves tension, restores the even and balanced flow of energy in the body, addresses stress issues in people’s lives and helps people achieve optimum nutrition within their comfort zone.

There are solutions to almost any health problem, and a well-rounded and comprehensive approach will always be the most effective and efficient approach. If you aren’t feeling 100%, consider scheduling a complete natural health evaluation at Live Well with Dr. Martin Orimenko.  Because without your health, you have nothing.