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Reiki: Dealing with Cancer (by Marlene Berdit)

Reiki: Dealing with Cancer (by Marlene Berdit)

Part of my mission in practicing Reiki is to work with folks dealing with cancer. Like most families, mine has had its triumphs and losses in battling this disease. When my mother was in her 40’s she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy; in her mid-60’s she again faced another mastectomy. My mother died at age 86 from a non-cancer related issue. During her lifetime she quietly counseled many people who dealt with numerous types of cancer – she was a positive, amazing and truly inspirational individual. It is on behalf of my mother, aunts, uncles, and a cousin I lost last year to cancer that I am dedicated to help.

I am working with Live Well Holistic Health Center in being able to offer Reiki sessions for 20% off of a normal session fee for any cancer patient, their immediate families and oncology healthcare providers. Children will receive a 45 minute treatment for $30. Reiki boosts the immune system and has given great relief both physically and emotionally to those going through chemo and those dealing with the aftermath. I am driven to help anyone going through the passages of this disease and am offering what I can in order to enhance and strengthen their lives while dealing with cancer. To schedule a session folks just need to contact Live Well Holistic Health Center and refer to this posting.To learn more about me and my background and approach, click here/reiki-with-marlene-berdit.html If you, a family member, or friend is dealing with cancer but do not live in the Philadelphia area, I encourage you to seek out a reputable Reiki practitioner in your area.

Please relay this message to anyone you know that can benefit from receiving this information.