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Reiki Experiences – Installment 1 (by Marlene Berdit)

Reiki Experiences – Installment 1 (by Marlene Berdit)

Since people seek Reiki for numerous reasons I thought it would be helpful for those of you who never experienced this beautiful energy to hear about some of my clients’ stories.  Names in blogs will be changed to honor privacy.  My first blog is about Dave’s session.

Over the years I’ve noticed that woman seem much more open to trying modalities such as Reiki, while men seem initially more reluctant. This was the case with Dave.  Dave had chronic back problems over the years and just couldn’t seem to find relief.  After seeking help from medical doctors and using prescription drugs for intense lower back pain he was no better off and felt hopeless.  His wife, Kim had taken a Reiki I class with me and convinced Dave to try Reiki.  She practically dragged him (gently) through the door.  Even though he was a willing participant, he didn’t quite know what to expect.

It’s very important to me that the atmosphere for receiving Reiki is calm and peaceful so clients have a place of solace during their session.  I keep the room dimly lit with Reiki music playing and a candle burning to invite complete relaxation.  Dave took this all in and looked at Kim as if he were 9 years old going to overnight camp for the first time.  As the session started I could feel his body relax into the energy.  Personally, I think it was pure relief that I wasn’t swinging a chicken over his head chanting Kumbaya.  By the end of the session he said his back felt much looser and made an appointment for the following week.  When he  arrived without Kim for his second session I knew two things; he was physically comfortable enough to drive, and comfortable and confident with the Reiki modality.

This session was verrrrrry interesting.  As an empath I’m used to feeling the energy path or pain of the client within my body.  I’ve experienced the beauty of Kundalini, warm and cool flows of energy and various vibratory sensations, but this was a first…While working on Dave mid-point, I started to experience an electrical feeling in my hand and within seconds of this sensation my hand involuntarily flipped palm side up, I’m thinking WOW, this is too cool, but  immediately asked Dave what he was feeling.  He said he felt an intense surge of heat run through his back, but he was very comfortable and relaxed and we continued with the session.  Afterwards, Dave commented that he felt much better.  Reiki works through the body long after the session ends, many times it’s not until the next day that true results are realized.  This was the case with Dave when he called to tell me  how great he felt.  The following week we had another session, and then appointments became routine monthly visits to maintenance well being visits.  It doesn’t take a fast ball volt of energy to accelerate the healing process, but in Dave’s case, it hit a home run, as Reiki always does.

Anyone receiving a Reiki session remains fully clothed but it’s suggested that you wear very comfy clothes.  Reiki is a completely relaxing encounter besides being a means to boost your immune system with regular monthly sessions.  You don’t need to be ailing from any physical problem to be enriched by its affects.

To schedule a Reiki session with me, call Live Well at 610.896.1554.  Traci at the front desk will take good care of you and answer any questions you may have!