Reiki Experiences – Installment 2 (by: Marlene Berdit)

Reiki Experiences – Installment 2 (by: Marlene Berdit)

Bill’s Experience: 
Bill had a horrible case of Poison Ivy – his face, hands, and shoulders were a mass of lumps and rashes.  A friend of mine suggested Reiki to ease his discomfort and to dissipate the spread of the inflammation.  Bill admitted to me of being skeptical and said he had never heard of Reiki until our mutual friend mentioned it.  I explained the basics and began to work on him.  As Reiki started to penetrate the irritation, Bill acknowledged a feeling of heat and tingling immediately. There are several reactions to receiving Reiki, mostly heat, cold, fluttering and tingling, however, these sensations do not need to be felt for Reiki to be affective.

Bill contacted me the following day to say he could not believe the difference in his skin overnight.  About two months later, Bill literally brought his friend Jake, suffering from Poison Oak to see me.  It was so rewarding to see Bill become such an advocate for the Reiki modality.

Gina’s Experience: 
Gina is in her early 40’s and has been a client for years and visits regularly for monthly Reiki “tune-ups”.  Gina first started receiving Reiki because she enjoyed the relaxation she felt during a session and the oomph she felt afterwards.  As our work together progressed she noticed she wasn’t getting sick as often as she had in the past.  She usually had three to four colds a year (!!) and was very susceptible to respiratory problems.  Since receiving Reiki she rarely gets sick and feels much more relaxed in her day to day activities.

Marlene’s Experience:
Anyone attuned to Reiki is able to work on themselves with the same effective results as when working on a client.  About eight years ago I had to go through minor surgery.  The procedure was performed in a doctor’s office, however it was invasive and time consuming.  Before the surgery began I gave the doctor and attending nurse a “Reikied Rock.”  They both looked at me, then each other, exchanging a glance between them that I could almost see in neon, “Coo-coo bird alert…let’s just go along with her.”  They each stuck the rock into their pockets; I was prepped and the surgery proceeded.  Two weeks later I went back to the doctor’s office for a post surgical visit and to have stitches removed.  After the examination the doctor looked at me intently and said that if another physician examined me he would never know I had undergone such a procedure – he was really amazed.  The doctor then asked me several questions about Reiki, which I was happy to answer.  The next time I saw the doctor he told me he had been carrying the Reikied rock with him and even transferred it to his back pack when he went hiking.  Of course, I was just one huge smile.

When receiving a Reiki session you remain fully clothed but it’s suggested that you wear very comfy clothes. Reiki is a completely relaxing encounter besides being a means to boost your immune system with regular monthly sessions. You don’t need to be ailing from any physical problem to be enriched by its affects.

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