Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back Pain with These Treatments

Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back Pain with These Treatments

back painLower back pain is an extremely common problem, often the result of poor posture, inactivity, internal problems, obesity, emotional stress, or bone loss. It can also flare up due to a sedentary lifestyle or staying in unnatural positions for lengths of time. Effective Alternative Treatments as something that can go away on its own, lower back pain can also become a chronic condition. Many people dealing with this kind of discomfort turn to painkillers or even surgery to resolve the problem. At Live Well Holistic Health, we encourage our clients to consider the highly effective alternative treatments that are available.

Addressing the Root Cause

Though debilitating, lower back pain can be treated without the intervention of medications. The natural treatments we offer at our clinic have been created to address the root cause rather than treating just the symptom. Supporting positive permanent changes to your physical structure rather than providing mere temporary relief, these protocols have no side effects and are administrated with the utmost attention to the benefit of your overall welfare.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Accidents, sports injuries, and even a simple misplaced movement can trigger lower back pain. At Live Well Holistic Health, we offer gentle chiropractic care, where we manipulate your spine and joints in order to take the pressure off nerves and muscles. These adjustments are also designed to positively affect biological processes within your body, helping to correct functionality at the deepest levels. As the spine is adjusted, subluxations or blockages are released, allowing for greater blood flow to the area that has been compromised. Once the pain abates, adding specific stretches to your daily activities will help the area stay limber and fluid, thus helping you to avoid future problems.


Professionally administered massage helps to lessen lower back pain by loosening tense muscles and taking the pressure off the nerves. Additionally, this practice assists in improving your range of motion, increasing blood and oxygen circulation, and increasing endorphin levels in order to help you feel better so that you can more easily manage the discomfort until it has dissipated. A good massage will penetrate deep into the muscle tissues, causing any contractions or inflammation to abate. Through regular massage treatments, lower back pain can be managed as the body acclimates to a healthier state.


This ancient Asian method of increasing overall health has become more widely accepted in Western culture for its long-term benefits and lack of contraindications. Helping to reduce the intensity of pain, as well as relieving the base cause, fine needles are inserted at specific points on the body to relieve the area of stress and increase energy throughout the body in order to remove blockages that cause pain.

Maintaining Relief and Developing Resistance to Injury

At Live Well Holistic Health, we offer a wide range of techniques designed to return you to the ultimate in well-being. Additionally, we help you to understand your body so that you can maintain relief and develop greater elasticity and resistance to injury.

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