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Signs of Aging and How To Tackle Them The Natural Way

Signs of Aging and How To Tackle Them The Natural Way

Signs of Aging and How To Tackle Them The Natural WaySigns of Aging and How To Tackle Them The Natural Way

Human beings are miraculous creations composed of a network of interconnected energy systems and supports and because of this, aging occurs as a result of multiple factors in combination. Some of these can include:

  • Cell aging.
  • Decreased telomerase activity – the enzyme in DNA.
  • Degradation of proteins.
  • Advanced glycation end products.
  • Excessive sugar activity.
  • Systemic inflammation that is progressive.
  • Dehydration.
  • Toxic build-up in organ tissue.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Decreased cellular energy production.
  • Fluctuations in hormone levels/balance.
  • Blocked energy flow within the body.
  • Over weight and obesity.
  • General wear and tear and pernicious stress and accumulation of free radicals.

The above is nowhere near a complete list and one could not identify every contributing factor. A single magic bullet or supplement to halt the aging process does not exist. Signs of aging are demonstrated in every aspect of the body/mind from depreciation in skin, hair, teeth and nails to the loss of optimal function in the spine, brain and organs. A holistic approach to maximize health and lifespan by using a whole body systemic approach is best rather than concentrating on staving off the aging process. In other words, focus on living well rather than dying, and consider ways of slowing and even reversing the aging process through holistic perspectives. How we care for ourselves and one another determines our quality of life, and then aging becomes a part of graceful living.

Live Well Holistic Health Center Services

The Live Well Holistic Health Center is dedicated to holistic practices and supports total wellness. Live Well functions under the direction of Dr. Martin Orimenko, DC, ND, FIACA, a licensed Chiropractor, Naturopath and Nutritionist who has been in practice for 23 years. Dr. Orimenko has done graduate and post graduate work in an extensive range of modalities and protocols. His areas of expertise include Ayurvedic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Myofascial Therapy, Acupressure, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Sports Medicine, as well as Breathwork. Dr. Orimenko combines modalities to better treat the totality of his patients. The breadth of his background permits a deep inquiry into the individual and a broadened range of treatment solutions. His years of practice have allowed him to treat more than 6,000 patients with a full range of conditions.

Living Well Instead of Aging

The idea of longevity means a total approach to optimum health, mind, body and spirit while addressing all the elements that affect complete wellness, inspiration and enhanced quality of life. Dr. Orimenko’s extensive background in Nutrition and Cleansing enables him to guide his patients with tailor made programs of nutrition and diet designed to specifically suit each person.  Live Well also offer many types of Therapeutic Massage as well as complimentary services to support our basics in Natural Medicine and Gentle Chiropractics. These services include:

  • Medicinal Aroma Therapy.
  • Flower Essence Therapy developed to help release limiting mental and emotional patternings through the use of vibrational flower tinctures.
  • Food Education Services – of course, our bodies stay young and responsive when fed loving fresh food. Live Well offers Food Education Services covering everything from assistance with menus and food planning to food shopping.
  • Life Coaching.Our superior team of specialists and practitioners are dedicated to their areas of expertise and to their patients and clients.


The Live Well Holistic Health Center is located in Admore, PA. Feel free to contact us through our online form, use our online scheduling tool or call (610) 896-1554 to make an appointment. We are happy to serve.