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Is Technology Stressing You Out?

Is Technology Stressing You Out?

Is Technology Stressing You Out?Today, we have instant communication with anyone around the world. We can shop, study, and find any information we need online, never having to physically interact with anyone. High-tech machines are making discoveries we never could have imagined before, whether it is inside our bodies or in outer space.

The Stress of No Internet Connection

Though in so many ways technology makes life easier, it also creates stress. Just think of how anxious you feel when you don’t have Internet connection! Add this to the pressure we feel when we forget our cellphones or think we don’t have enough time to check and answer all of our emails.

Forgetting How to Interact Personally

These days we are spending so much time online that we are forgetting how to interact in a personal way with each other. Always feeling like we have to be available through our smart phones and laptops, we are anxious to connect, but hardly ever meet face to face where we can hear each other’s tone of voice and look each other in the eye.

Loosing Focus

We’ve become great multi-taskers, but we often lack focus because too many things are going on at once. We compromise our safety when we tackle several tasks at once, whether we’re making a phone call while driving or texting while we’re walking down the stairs.

Less Sleep, Misunderstandings, and Little Quiet Time

Our fixation with social media sites deprives us of the extra amount of sleep we need. Responding to unimportant information on Facebook has taken the place of meeting friends in person. Misunderstandings through email conversations happen all the time, and the sensation that we have to answer every email message right away interferes with taking care of the quiet time we need.

Isolated in a False Sense of Popularity

Technology can make us feel isolated even though we’re connected with everyone, including all of the social media friends we’ve never met. Making demands on our time, we don’t set limits as we build a false sensation of popularity.

Connected and In Touch

We believe connectivity means something entirely different than all of the above. To be connected is to be in touch with oneself, which means body, mind, and spirit.

…But Not Connected At All

We completely agree that technology is a wonderful thing and we respect it for all of its gifts. But as healers, we see what the misuse of these gifts can do, whether it is misalignment of the spine from sitting glued to a computer, getting headaches because of the constant gaze at a screen, and becoming unduly stressed out because of the pressures of having to be “connected” when really we’re not connected at all.

Our Advice

Live Well Holistic Health provides chiropractic and other healthful modalities to relieve the symptoms of stress. To remove the root cause, we advise joining live groups where you can do something you enjoy with others, like learning a new language or taking a dance or yoga class. We advise you to stay fit through exercise and eat healthy foods. Speak with people face to face, hug your friends and family, and in general, make physical contact whenever possible.

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