Therapeutic Massage Services near Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Therapeutic Massage Services near Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Therapeutic Massage Services near Ardmore, PennsylvaniaMassage is one of the simplest and oldest healing therapies in existence. Conscious touch alone provides a healing energy. Great relief can be provided with touch and the manual manipulation of soft tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Therapeutic massage can alleviate tension, stress and pain while stimulating blood circulation and supporting the lymphatic, nervous systems and energy body. But perhaps the most beautiful aspect of massage is the way in which it offers deep relaxation, and sense of wellness and peace to the mind, body and spirit.

Live Well Holistic Health Center

The Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore, PA has a staff of licensed Massage Therapists with extensive experience in a full range of massage techniques. The holistic treatment of the individual is primary at Live Well and our massage therapists consider each individual, and customize treatments to suit personal needs. Techniques include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology, as well as Structural, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Core Awakening Work. Most of our therapists have multiple areas of expertise which allow them to “cross-pollinate” and combine healing protocols to provide an exponential holistic healing experience.

What to Expect

Our therapists are capable of every level of massage from deep therapeutic work for injury recovery from accidents and mastectomy related breast surgeries, to pre-natal massage and massage for relaxation and basic stress relief. Before your first massage you will fill out a simple questionnaire that will then ensure that your Massage Therapist knows the exact nature of your visit. This way a personalized protocol can be designed for you and edited and refined upon each return visit.

Regardless of the type of massage, our price remains the same – a reasonable $60/60 minutes or $90/90 minutes.


It is important for us at Live Well to provide a nurturing and safe space in which our clients can receive care. Massages are provided in comfortable private rooms. You determine your own comfort level in your attire and through communicating with your therapist. You may also bring your own iPod or iPhone to listen to music during your massage. We encourage whatever will bring you feelings of safety and deep relaxation. If you prefer to sit for massage we can accommodate that, if you prefer to be attended to in only specific areas we can accommodate that as well. We are here to care for you in the best way possible.


The Live Well Holistic Health Center, located in Admore, PA, under the caring direction of Chiropractor Dr. Martin Orimenko DC, ND is dedicated to helping people thrive through holistic and natural approaches. Our expert staff of licensed massage therapists is here to help. Aside from therapeutic massage, Live Well offers combined protocol care in the forms of Chiropractic, Nutritional assistance, Naturopathy, Flower Essence Therapy, Life Coaching and Food Education. Let us support you here at the Center. Feel free to contact us through our online form, use our online scheduling tool or call (610) 896-1554 to make an appointment.