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When Is It Time To Seek a Certified Chiropractor For Your Body Aches

When Is It Time To Seek a Certified Chiropractor For Your Body Aches

When Is It Time To Seek a Certified Chiropractor For Your Body AchesAt Live Well Holistic Health we are constantly asked when is the right time to seek a certified chiropractor. Our response is that with the stresses of today’s lifestyle, it is a good idea to begin even before you have an ache or pain, as keeping the spine free from misalignment is the key to optimum and consistent health.

Spinal Health Means Overall Health

When the spine can move freely without subluxations, the entire body is affected in a positive way. Spinal health determines the functionality of the nervous system, and when it is not in optimal condition, nerves can become irritated, causing discomfort and a weakening of the immune system. Because the organs, tissues, and cells of the body are also affected by spinal alignment, keeping your back in good condition is tantamount to overall health.

Avoiding Chronic Pain

Most people go for chiropractic treatment only when the body reaches a critical point when a particular ache or pain can no longer be supported. We believe that if you are not seeing a chiropractor for maintenance, it is essential that you make an appointment the moment you begin to feel discomfort in order to avoid a problem that can become chronic.

Positive Feedback to the Central Nervous System

When you have pain in the spine or joints, this has a serious effect on your well-being, including your state of mind. By assuring that your spine is free of subluxations you are allowing for healthy joint movement and positive feedback to the central nervous system. When the spine is in balance, the possibility of assimilating stress and anxiety is reduced, and a welcome emphasis is placed on the pleasure centers in the body.

Balanced Emotions

A healthy spine not only means a balanced body, but also balanced emotions. With the stresses of daily life, keeping the body aligned by regular chiropractic visits is an investment in preventative medicine that can mean the difference between an anxious or calm approach to life.

Avoiding Complications

When the spine is not in alignment the impingement on nerves can create a negative stress response that ultimately produces negative substances in the body, such as cortisol. This can lead to greater problems such as depression and disease. Regular visits to your certified chiropractor will detect and rectify subluxations in order to avoid further complications.

The Suffering Spine

Sitting for long hours at the computer, using a bad mattress or pillow, wearing high heels, exposure to pollution, and a poor diet are some of the ways the spine suffers. Stresses from work, relationships, negative thoughts, lack of love, or death of a loved one can also cause misalignments that when left to their own, will exacerbate an already difficult situation.

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