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How Ayurveda Can Help Add Years To Your Life

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Ayurveda | 0 comments

How Ayurveda Can Help Add Years To Your LifeAt times, the idea of aging in good health sounds like an oxymoron, but with life expectancy increasing, it is more realistic to assume that we can preserve a youthful vigor regardless of how old we are. At Live Well Holistic Health, our mission is to provide you with protocols that place the body in balance in order to enhance life, no matter what your chronological age.

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What is the Difference Between Ayurveda and other Forms Of Medicine

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Ayurveda | 0 comments

Ayruvedic medicine is an ancient medical science that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Originating in India, Aryuvedic means the “science of life,” and brings an integrated approach to healing that embraces physical, mental, and spiritual balance in order to create optimum health.

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The Hidden Causes of Back Pain

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Ayurveda, Back Pain, Pain, Stress, Therapy, Yoga | 0 comments

As a chiropractor I am often asked why so many people get low back pain. Obviously, if someone has a car accident or a slip and fall, the low back can suffer from pulled muscles, vertebrae out of alignment and inflammation. But what about all the people who develop back pain without an obvious initiating cause? Countless times in my practice a patient would come in holding their back and tell me all they did was pick up a sock off the floor and ‘bam’, crippling back pain! One important cause of back pain, which often has to do with spasms of the large muscles that hold us upright, is stress. It is common for a person that worries and hurries a lot, skips meals and stays up late, to tighten up in the low back area. A person might think they have the same routine every day, so why, suddenly, does something like this happen? What they are not aware of are other contributing factors. One example is the weather. Big changes in weather patterns can add inflammation and tightness into the mix. Another example is specific emotions that, subconsciously, might be triggering an old frustration or hurt, i.e., ‘pushing your buttons’, again leading to tightness of certain muscle groups. The tightening up of low back muscles can gradually and subtly increase until the bending over to pick up the sock is ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back,’ or at least ‘threw it out’. Another less obvious factor that causes back pain is constipation and other bowel issues. Even individuals who say they are ‘regular’ can have some degree of constipation, with little awareness of it, and that is a huge number of people. Simple gas and bloating can also contribute to back pain. These bowel issues, even subtle ones, can also cause the back muscles to spasm, leading to a back going out. One other more obvious cause of back pain is worth mentioning. People who engage in an activity that utilizes muscle groups in ways they have not been used to, such as starting a yoga class, new types of exercises at the gym, or, more obviously, the seasonal raking of leaves or shoveling snow, even if they are being slow and careful, are commonly subjected to spasms and inflammation, leading to their backs going out. All of the above scenarios usually involve a complex of imbalances. These typically include spasms of various muscles, inflammation of the joint capsules and discs, and certainly vertebrae being pulled out of alignment. In my treatment of back pain I always include a variety of therapies and modalities such as myofascial release, vibration and far infra-red, that address all of these. In my experience it is rarely enough to give only a chiropractic adjustment. I always assume multiple factors. If you suffer from chronic low back pain with no obvious initiating cause, consider stress management techniques like yoga or gently stretching, meditation, warm bathes with epsom salts, and making sure the diet you are eating keeps your bowels clean, healthy and regular. There are plenty of natural herbal remedies to keep the bowels happy. Wisdom from ‘ayurvedic medicine’ suggests soothing the ‘vata dosha.’ This means avoiding too much exposure to cold, both environmentally and in your food, and favoring warm and calming activity and food. This is especially true for the skinny, worry-hurry ‘vata’ type people. In extreme cases enemas can be very helpful. Other tips if you have nagging low back pain are to avoid walking in high-heeled shoes, avoid jumping, jogging or strenuous exercise and minimize sexual activity. By all means practice mindfulness and avoid letting yourself get carried away by the activities you are engaged...

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What is Ayurveda?

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Ayurveda, Energy, Natural | 0 comments

‘Ayurveda’ (the ‘science of life’) is the most ancient complete system of natural medicine in the world. It was developed in ancient India and refined over the ages. It combines physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in an approach to health that is as relevant to the modern world as it was to the ancient. Utilizing herbs and minerals, proper nutrition and purification and, above all, affirmative ways of living, Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for a cure. One of the principles in Ayurveda is that each person is made up of their own particular mix of the three fundamental elemental energies, or ‘doshas’. Although we can’t see them, the three doshas are responsible for all processes of the mind and body. They affect our physical makeup and our mental and emotional qualities. These underlying forces determine who we are, what we like to eat, how thirsty we get, how much sleep we need, etc. They influence our reactions to stress and our predisposition to various illnesses. The doshas even affect how compassionate, relaxed, or talkative we are. Knowing a person’s dosha is very valuable in determining which foods, herbs and lifestyle changes will be most beneficial for their healing and overall balance. An example of this is a person who is skinny and runs around extra busy and worrying about everything. In this person the ‘vata’ dosha is dominant. Balance can be brought with warm and soothing activities and foods. Gentle yoga and relaxation massage are perfect. For an intense, high pressure, athletic person the ‘pitta’ dosha is dominating. Balance can be brought with cooling and calming activities and foods. This person should avoid things like eating spicy food everyday and going running in the middle of hot summer days. Different doshas predominate in the different seasons as well. Therefore it is helpful to have a basic understanding of them so you can self regulate your diet and lifestyle. For example, in autumn the vata dosha increases. During these months it is best to reduce foods that increase vata such as raw vegetables, beans, cold foods and foods that are dry and rough like crackers and pretzels, It is more balancing to increase richer foods and warm, cooked foods like soups and casseroles. In spring and summer the reverse is true for the most part. There also exists within Ayurveda a whole science of longevity. This has to do with purification, healthy balancing routines and mind and body exercises. Various cleanses are recommended seasonally. Yoga and meditation are important not only for mind and body health, but to connect with your spiritual source as well. These add up to peace, health and life extension. Principles from ayurveda can be easily incorporated into one’s life to bring further health and balance. It has been very helpful in treating and advising my patients for many...

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Dr. Martin Orimenko’s Philosophy

Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in Ayurveda, Healing, Healing Holistic Health, Holistic Health, Massage, Neuro Emotional Technique | 0 comments

MY PHILOSOPHY Dr. Martin Orimenko, DC, ND, FIACA I believe that the body knows how to heal itself of nearly everything, but at times becomes stuck or overwhelmed. It can be stuck or overwhelmed physically, chemically or emotionally. A condition may have come on suddenly, or taken months or years to develop. I believe many different healing techniques work and I choose to incorporate several of the best ones. I use a variety of the best techniques from chiropractic, kiniesiology, ayurveda, massage, and acupressure. I also believe that diet and nutrition play a critical role in our overall health. Therefore I incorporate, when needed, recommendations for changes in diet, nutritional supplements and cleansing programs. I also believe that emotions can interfere with healing and actually create certain conditions. Therefore, I utilize a quick and painless emotional clearing technique called NeuroEmotional Technique when called for. As an expert and an authority in facilitating the healing process, I will do my absolute best, using all that I know, to bring about healing for you as fast as possible, but I will need your full cooperation and commitment in order for us to have success. This may mean agreeing to a treatment plan, changing your diet, taking certain supplements or adding a home exercise for example. If we work together, my goal is to restore you to your optimal health and...

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