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Nonsurgical Treatment for Joint Pain and Cartilage Restoration!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2018 in Natural Healing | 0 comments

Knee Pain? Cartilage Issues? We Can Help! Dr. Martin and the friendly team at Live Well Holistic Health Center understand the difficulties of dealing with cartilage and joint pain! Here at the health center we work to mitigate that pain in a safe, natural, and sustaining way. You can sign up online (with no payment information required) for our 10-minute free consultations administered in our comfortable relaxing office space located in Ardmore. Our consultations allow us to pin point the causes of your pain and allow us to put together a plan to best treat that pain. Our focus is the wellness of our patients using the most holistic and natural processes at our disposal. In this blog article we cover a few scientific studies that describe where and why you may have joint pain, what you can do to stop it, and what services and supplements at the Live Well Holistic Health Center we offer that can help immensely. We invite you to stop in and meet Dr. Martin and our friendly staff so that we can help end your joint pain and improve your cartilage health! Restoring Knee Cartilage Function & Reducing Pain What is the purpose of Articular (knee) cartilage?: Articular cartilage is a unique tissue between the ends of bones (in the knees) in the joints that helps in load bearing and lubrication. How does osteoarthritis (common form of arthritis) effect the Articular (knee) Cartilage?: Dr. Moti L. Tiku describes the process in his paper – Cartilage regeneration for treatment of osteoarthritis: a paradigm for nonsurgical intervention, as a “as an injury of cartilage that initiates chondrocyte activation”. The chondrocyte is a molecule released to regenerate cartilage. Finally, “the end results are catabolic and anabolic responses, and it is the balance between these two outcomes that controls remodeling of the matrix and regeneration” [Tiku, 2015]. In short the excretion of chondrocyte is imperative to repairing cartilage. The excretion of this important molecule however can cause inflammatory responses of the body, which we will address in this blog! How is cartilage maintained? What might this look like?: According to Dr. Moti L. Tiku as described in his paper – Cartilage regeneration for treatment of osteoarthritis: a paradigm for nonsurgical intervention, “cartilage is maintained by the right balance between aggrecan and collagen contents”. Aggrecan Molecules can be sensitive to immobility of the joint and can often be diminished in the cartilage itself as a result [Vertel, 1995]. So it’s important to maintain mobility to keep these molecules healthy! As you may well know however Inflammation may be a painful and difficult barrier in maintaining this mobility. What do I about inflammation and why is it happening?: As aforementioned the inflammation in the joint can be attributed in part to your bodies response to chondrocyte secretion. The reason for this secretion is to repair the cartilage damaged by arthritis. What Foods can help with Mobility?: According to WebMD (Kerri-Ann Jennings, 2005), these foods have either an anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties, or otherwise influential effect on your joints and bones that can contribute to greater mobility. Featured in the article: • Cherries • Red Peppers • Canned Salmon • Oatmeal • Turmeric • Walnuts • Kale • Broccoli • Collard greens What is joint distraction and why is it important?: Joint distraction is treatment for the joint that focus on mobility and prevention of further cartilage degeneration. ”Recent investigations of the role of jointdistraction in osteoarthritis therapy provides a clue for cartilage regeneration” [Marijnissen et al. 2002;Wiegant et al. 2013]. Can Dr. Martin help with Joint Distraction?: Absolutely! Dr. Martin’s core philosophy as an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) is prevention of new disorders while focusing on therapies that synchronize with the bodies inherent ability to heal itself. Dr. Martin and the staff at Live Well Holistic Health Center offer a number of treatments such as joint distraction that will greatly improve the quality of your joint health. We also offer a huge library of herbal and holistic supplements that will work in conjunction with these treatments to maximize effectiveness. References:...

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Behavior Modification Tips for Healthy Weight

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Diet, Exercise, Healthy Food, Neuro Emotional Technique, Nutrition, Supplements | 0 comments

Dr. Martin Orimenko at the Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore is excellent at helping his patients lose extra weight and optimize their health and well-being. His approach includes supporting his patients on cleanses to reset their intestinal balance and remove physical blocks to losing weight. He also does Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help remove any psychological blocks, interferences and limiting beliefs. Auricular therapy treatment for weight loss can also be very helpful for patients, as can Laser Acupuncture; both of these are offered at Live Well by Dr. Martin Orimenko. Lastly, natural supplement prescriptions to help reduce emotional eating and boost the metabolism can be extremely helpful as well. The following is a list of techniques to change your orientation to food. These ‘tricks’ will help you change how you think of food and how you approach eating. They have been immensely helpful for weight management. Behavior modification techniques: Break the activity of eating into a series of small steps: preparing, arranging, eating, etc. Set the table for each meal; make it a ‘production’ Eat in only one room Eat at the table Serve small portions, use smaller plates, etc. Serving dishes should not be placed on the table; portions should be placed onto the plate before serving Put eating utensils down between bites Stop eating for a couple of minutes during each meal Prepare only enough food for one meal Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and drink water with your meals Make a food list before grocery shopping and stick to it Never shop when hungry Always leave some food on your plate When eating foods like hot dogs or sandwiches prepare one and eat it before preparing a second Do not keep snack or junk foods in the house Do not read or watch television when you eat Decide generally what you are going to eat before you look at a restaurant menu Eat in front of a mirror – once Eat with the non-dominant hand Eat a meal with your eyes closed (to aid you in realizing that most food appeal is visual) Keep only necessary foods available, such as foods with high nutritional value Clear dishes directly into the garbage after completing the meal Do not offer sweets to children Eat with someone Eat slowly Save one item from each meal to eat later Do not use high calorie items for snacks Experiment with either exotic or attractively prepared foods Swallow food in your mouth before taking another bite Eat all food with utensils Limit drinks which have high calorie content, especially at meal time Plan delays during each meal Chew food slowly and completely Concentrate on food being eaten, not what remains on the plate Set weekly goals for losing weight, changing behaviors and learning new skills Keep a detailed record of food consumption, meals and snacks Make a collage of pictures of how you’d like to look and feel and desired activities In addition to the above ‘tricks’, engage in regular scheduled physical activity, preferably in groups, for improving health, feeling better, recreation and relaxation, reducing depression, increasing self-confidence, better weight control, socialization and camaraderie, healthy competition, self- improvement. And develop an active lifestyle by doing things like using stairs instead of an elevator and parking the car further from your destination. I hope these tips will bring you to a higher level of health for all the days to come. Dr. Martin Orimenko Live Well Holistic Health...

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Allergies and Their Cure

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Allergies, Health Tips, Immune System, Natural, Natural Healing, Natural medicine, Nutrition | 0 comments

Dear Friends, ALLERGIES AND CHRONIC SINUSITIS CAN BE CURED! I have been practicing ‘clinical ecology’ and nutritional cleansing for 19 years, and during that time, hundreds of patients have become ‘allergy-free’ in as few as 2 to 3 visits! Here’s how:   The sinuses are dependent on the intestines for their well-being; Clogged intestines, clogged sinuses. And when an imbalance occurs in the organisms that live in the lining of the intestines, a condition known as ‘dysbiosis’, a wide array of symptoms and conditions can occur. The list includes: allergies, asthma, irritable bowel, Crohn’s, urinary tract infections, inability to concentrate, memory loss, headaches, depression, skin conditions, fatigue, cold hands and feet, food cravings, loss of libido, joint pain and more! Humans should have billions of the beneficial bacteria living in their intestinal tract. These ‘good bacteria’ keep the yeast, fungus, parasites and bad bacteria from overpopulating. Antibiotics, birth control pills, steroid drugs, a sugary junk food diet, and even the chlorine in tap water, have a damaging effect on the good bacteria. As the population of good bacteria weakens, the opportunistic bad organisms multiply and begin a cascade of ill effects. These include: increased inflammatory response, hypersensitive mucous membranes and ‘leaky gut syndrome’, a condition that permits unfriendly bacteria, undigested proteins and toxins to enter the blood stream. The various symptoms and conditions that result from this toxification vary from person to person, but the most common reaction is allergies and sinusitis. As you might guess, the use of antibiotics to combat sinus infections only perpetuates the problem. Septal defect surgery simply makes more room in the nasal cavity. It does not cure the problem of chronic inflamed mucous membranes! Eating yogurt or taking probiotic (friendly bacteria) supplements is only helpful in about 5% of the cases. It is far more important to artfully kill off the offending organisms and rebalance the ecology of the intestinal lining. This is where the skill comes in. A person could possibly get good results with an ‘anti-candida’ supplement from the health food store, but it’s hit or miss. Every intestinal tract is different, and there are many different types of maleficent organisms to contend with. I use specific kinesiology (muscle-response) testing techniques that pinpoint the offending allergens, and indicate which organisms are present and exactly which nutritional supplements are needed to do the job of cleansing and restoring the balance in the mucous membranes correctly the first time in most cases. In addition, I boost the immune system and balance the organs with acupuncture, give specific dietary guidelines for clearing the mucous and increasing energy, and give specific spinal adjustments to restore balance and increase vitality. I know it could be a stretch for some people to think that lifelong allergies could be relieved within a month or two, but the testimonials speak for themselves. Be prepared to throw away your antihistamines and inhalers and experience a greater quality of...

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10 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

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A qualified chiropractor addresses the fundamental core of the body, removing impingements so that the skeleton; central nervous, respiratory, and immune systems; and muscles maintain their balance and health. When any one of these areas is not functioning well, the entire body is affected, even if there is a lack of palpable symptoms. Avoiding Potential Problems Just as we go to have our teeth checked periodically by a dentist, maintaining good health through regular visits to the chiropractor helps avoid potential problems in the future. And if you are experiencing any type of physical discomfort, getting regular adjustments will do wonders for dealing with and eliminating the problem at its root cause. Compromised Health We all hope for the ultimate in flexibility, vitality, focus, immune response, and good sleeping habits. When any of these are compromised, its time to get an adjustment! Signs that an Adjustment is Needed We have put together a list of 10 signs that indicate you need to visit a chiropractor: Pain in joints and/or muscles Headaches, including migraines Repetition of physical tasks, including sitting for long periods of time where a specific part of the body is compromised Posture problems Injuries due to accidents Feeling sharp pain in the hip going down the leg Stiffness, aching, numbness, and/or burning sensations The soles of your shoes wearing out differently, which is an illustration that the body is out of alignment When the head leans to one side or too far forward or or one shoulder is higher than the other, which is another indication that the spine is imbalanced Limited range of movement in any part of the body Diagnosis and Treatment Before Further Damage Occurs Often when we experience any of the above symptoms we think they will just go away on their own. While this can be true, it is usually not the case. A good chiropractor knows how to properly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly, knowing that when pain lingers it can cause further damage. Part of Your Wellness Plan Most people have some sort of problem with their spine, and many back problems go undetected until one day there is no doubt that something is wrong. Approaching chiropractic help should be a part of your wellness plan so that you can avoid undue pain or even irreversible damage. Removing Subluxations that Compromise Health Though the application of solid chiropractic techniques that are tailored specifically to your needs, there is no need to turn to painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications that only mask the pain without ever addressing the reason for the problem. Our team believes that through the gentle manipulation of the spine, we can remove the subluxations that compromise health. Contact Us Today For more information, please contact us at 610 896 1554....

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Is Technology Stressing You Out?

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Today, we have instant communication with anyone around the world. We can shop, study, and find any information we need online, never having to physically interact with anyone. High-tech machines are making discoveries we never could have imagined before, whether it is inside our bodies or in outer space. The Stress of No Internet Connection Though in so many ways technology makes life easier, it also creates stress. Just think of how anxious you feel when you don’t have Internet connection! Add this to the pressure we feel when we forget our cellphones or think we don’t have enough time to check and answer all of our emails. Forgetting How to Interact Personally These days we are spending so much time online that we are forgetting how to interact in a personal way with each other. Always feeling like we have to be available through our smart phones and laptops, we are anxious to connect, but hardly ever meet face to face where we can hear each other’s tone of voice and look each other in the eye. Loosing Focus We’ve become great multi-taskers, but we often lack focus because too many things are going on at once. We compromise our safety when we tackle several tasks at once, whether we’re making a phone call while driving or texting while we’re walking down the stairs. Less Sleep, Misunderstandings, and Little Quiet Time Our fixation with social media sites deprives us of the extra amount of sleep we need. Responding to unimportant information on Facebook has taken the place of meeting friends in person. Misunderstandings through email conversations happen all the time, and the sensation that we have to answer every email message right away interferes with taking care of the quiet time we need. Isolated in a False Sense of Popularity Technology can make us feel isolated even though we’re connected with everyone, including all of the social media friends we’ve never met. Making demands on our time, we don’t set limits as we build a false sensation of popularity. Connected and In Touch We believe connectivity means something entirely different than all of the above. To be connected is to be in touch with oneself, which means body, mind, and spirit. …But Not Connected At All We completely agree that technology is a wonderful thing and we respect it for all of its gifts. But as healers, we see what the misuse of these gifts can do, whether it is misalignment of the spine from sitting glued to a computer, getting headaches because of the constant gaze at a screen, and becoming unduly stressed out because of the pressures of having to be “connected” when really we’re not connected at all. Our Advice Live Well Holistic Health provides chiropractic and other healthful modalities to relieve the symptoms of stress. To remove the root cause, we advise joining live groups where you can do something you enjoy with others, like learning a new language or taking a dance or yoga class. We advise you to stay fit through exercise and eat healthy foods. Speak with people face to face, hug your friends and family, and in general, make physical contact whenever possible. Contact Us For more advice on how to lead a stress-reduced life, contact us today at 610 896...

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