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Back Pain

Take Care of Your Spine – Regular Care Improves Your Health

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Take Care of Your Spine – Regular Care Improves Your Health

Care of your spine is like care of your teeth, a must. Neglected teeth leads to deterioration, which looks bad, feels bad and is very costly when you finally decide to take care of them. The spine, with its 24 vertebrae, houses your spinal cord, part of your central nervous system. Emanating from the spinal cord between each pair of vertebrae are pairs of spinal nerves that lead to your organs, muscles, skin and every single inch of your insides. These nerves control and monitor every activity in every part of your body. Between each pair of vertebrae is a disc. The discs are made of fibrous ligaments with a soft gelatinous center. The spinal nerves lie next to these discs. If a vertebrae gets moved out of alignment, or if a disc bulges (‘slipped disc’), pressure is put on the spinal nerves, and whatever structures those nerves lead to gets compromised. Chiropractic spinal adjustments, along with spinal muscle release techniques as I perform them, free the spine and align the vertebrae for optimal nervous system control of your body. Furthermore, any kinks, knots, stiffness, sprains or strains of your neck or back left untreated can lead to a progression of deterioration, ultimately leaving you with early debility. You do not want to be one of those people that looks and feels old before their time, stiff, inflexible and unable to live life freely. How does a neglected spine lead to early arthritis and debility? Stiffness and knots create decreased range of motion and, because vertebrae are being rocked out of alignment, pressure is put on the nerves and discs as well. This starves the discs of nourishment because less fluid gets into the spinal joints which, due to lack of blood supply, rely on movement for their lubrication. This leads to disc thinning, bone spur formations and eventual immobility in that area. We’ve all seen seniors who are hunched over, or can’t turn their heads or bend over to tie their shoes. Many people take better care of their cars than their spines. Maintenance is the key! Give your spine regular ‘adjustments’ BEFORE issues arise. This will keep the body, including your immune system, digestion and all bodily functions operating at optimal levels AND slow down spinal aging! Maintenance is how we treat our teeth, our cars and our spines. Regular maintenance for your spine means coming in for a special gentle chiropractic spinal treatment with Dr. Martin Orimenko every four to six weeks. Keep your spine limber and your body functioning at its peak with regularly scheduled spinal adjustments....

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Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back Pain with These Treatments

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Lower back pain is an extremely common problem, often the result of poor posture, inactivity, internal problems, obesity, emotional stress, or bone loss. It can also flare up due to a sedentary lifestyle or staying in unnatural positions for lengths of time. Effective Alternative Treatments as something that can go away on its own, lower back pain can also become a chronic condition. Many people dealing with this kind of discomfort turn to painkillers or even surgery to resolve the problem. At Live Well Holistic Health, we encourage our clients to consider the highly effective alternative treatments that are available. Addressing the Root Cause Though debilitating, lower back pain can be treated without the intervention of medications. The natural treatments we offer at our clinic have been created to address the root cause rather than treating just the symptom. Supporting positive permanent changes to your physical structure rather than providing mere temporary relief, these protocols have no side effects and are administrated with the utmost attention to the benefit of your overall welfare. Chiropractic Adjustment Accidents, sports injuries, and even a simple misplaced movement can trigger lower back pain. At Live Well Holistic Health, we offer gentle chiropractic care, where we manipulate your spine and joints in order to take the pressure off nerves and muscles. These adjustments are also designed to positively affect biological processes within your body, helping to correct functionality at the deepest levels. As the spine is adjusted, subluxations or blockages are released, allowing for greater blood flow to the area that has been compromised. Once the pain abates, adding specific stretches to your daily activities will help the area stay limber and fluid, thus helping you to avoid future problems. Massage Professionally administered massage helps to lessen lower back pain by loosening tense muscles and taking the pressure off the nerves. Additionally, this practice assists in improving your range of motion, increasing blood and oxygen circulation, and increasing endorphin levels in order to help you feel better so that you can more easily manage the discomfort until it has dissipated. A good massage will penetrate deep into the muscle tissues, causing any contractions or inflammation to abate. Through regular massage treatments, lower back pain can be managed as the body acclimates to a healthier state. Acupuncture This ancient Asian method of increasing overall health has become more widely accepted in Western culture for its long-term benefits and lack of contraindications. Helping to reduce the intensity of pain, as well as relieving the base cause, fine needles are inserted at specific points on the body to relieve the area of stress and increase energy throughout the body in order to remove blockages that cause pain. Maintaining Relief and Developing Resistance to Injury At Live Well Holistic Health, we offer a wide range of techniques designed to return you to the ultimate in well-being. Additionally, we help you to understand your body so that you can maintain relief and develop greater elasticity and resistance to injury. Contact Us For more information on the treatments we offer, please contact us via our online form or scheduling tool at, or call: 610 896...

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3 Common Causes of Back/Neck Pain and How To Treat Them

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Back and neck pain are common problems that seem to be inherent in our lives today. Whether it is due to stress, working long hours in front of a computer, sports or other injuries, or chronic skeletal conditions, at Live Well Holistic Health we are constantly amazed at the degree of pain that people endure before they look for treatment.

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When Is It Time To Seek a Certified Chiropractor For Your Body Aches

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At Live Well Holistic Health we are constantly asked when is the right time to seek a certified chiropractor. Our response is that with the stresses of today’s lifestyle, it is a good idea to begin even before you have an ache or pain, as keeping the spine free from misalignment is the key to optimum and consistent health.

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What Are The Main Causes of Neck and Back Pain?

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Neck pain is often referred to as cervical pain and can include many uncomfortable symptoms. Back pain can often start out as a twinge and increase in intensity if left untreated. When the first signs of discomfort occur, it is best to see a professional who can gently and deliberately help to remove the problem.

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The Best in Custom Fit Orthotics, Now at a Special Price through October 17, 2013

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Orthotics can help address Plantar Fascitis, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Neck Pain, Ankle Pain, Sports Injuries, Low Back Pain, Flat Feet, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Diabetes, Whiplash, Leg Length Inequality and more. To produce your orthotics, Dr. Martin Orimenko dry-casts your feet and sends the mold off to our labs where they take 13 different measurements to make you the perfect custom-fit orthotics for your feet. Our orthotics by ‘Foot Levelers’ are unique in that they have all three arch supports built in: the main longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch & the transverse arch. We are excited to be offering a Mega-Special on custom fit orthotics: now through Thursday October 17, 2013 custom orthotics at Live Well are only $275/pair (a savings of up to $100). Price includes your 15 minute fitting visit with Dr. Martin Orimenko. To get your custom-fit orthotics at this special price, schedule yourself for a ‘Brief Visit’ with Dr. Martin Orimenko between now and Thursday October 17th. Please be sure to let us know in advance that the purpose of your visit is to get fitted for orthotics so we can plan...

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